Eagleprimera Galaktia Prima 2020 1.0

It's a wonderfully crafted luxury sedan, fast, safe, comfortable!

  1. MEM756
    Hi there! Here is another car I've been wanting to upload for so much, and it's called: Eagleprimera Galaktia Prima! It's a midsize luxury sedan semi-limousine, that can transport you in total comfort, safety and ellegance, with the greatest features you can imagine!

    It looks opullent and unique, with chrome everywhere, font (up) and back (rear) you can distinguish a unique and mirrored light pattern like: == = O, that you can find in no other car! It has ellegant wheel and many lights, and the grilles show your presence to everyone, feels great

    It also looks great in psychodelic places, where you can hang ount with our friends, cruising around at decent soeeds, and eing as quiet as a rolls royce inside, but a roaring engine outside! It drives excellently, take it a try!

    Now, a look at the engine, platform and suspension! It's a great package!

    Now a straight front and rear view to watch more clearly the owesome details this car has for you!

    An interesting top view...

    Feel feel test all of my cars including this one, and tell me down below what do you think about this car, and say me, if you prefer this car or any other luxury sedan, or if you think this car is unique looking enough! Thanks for watching, and see you the next time!

Recent Reviews

  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    So cool! I love your original design :D
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
      Yeah, thanks! I actually was going for that! I was intending to make a timeless design, that everybody can recognise! Glad you liked it! I actually made this a while ago, but had to upload other cars ... But now, I had this uploaded, and I love you guys liked it.
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