Beta Durian Hawk 0.1

The hawk of the roads

  1. Staji
    Is 2005 and the CEO of Durian decides, after going to see an Hawk's natural reserve, to create a pretty fancy car which reminds that great animal.
    -TOP SPEED: 249 kmh (154mph)
    -0-100: 5.70 seconds
    -Gearbox: 6 gear manual
    -Drivetrain: Front Longitudinal AWD Light Truck Monocoque
    - MAX RPM: 6.600 RPM
    - Fuel System: Turbo Charger Mechanical Fuel Injection

    HighresScreenshot00001.png HighresScreenshot00000.png
    HighresScreenshot00003.png HighresScreenshot00004.png

Recent Reviews

  1. BeamCar
    Version: 0.1
    Hirochi is going to be sooo jealous.
    1. Staji
      Author's Response
      And I'm going to be soo happy.
      By the way thank you so much for the support
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