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Beta Driving Map - Highspeed road racing V1.00

A map all about various types of road

  1. chainsaw
    Driving map is all about fast paced exciting roads. It features many kinds of road, including coastal, fast flowing roads. Hill climbing with tight switchbacks. Dirt roads perfect for rallying, with jumps, tight corners, and long straights. All of the roads have had a lot of time perfecting and smoothing them out to get the best high speed fun without the annoyance of unrealistic random bumps and terrain spikes.

    During the creation of the map I have experienced an error meaning I cannot add a forest to the map as it crashes instantly whenever I try, this means that there are no trees and foliage.

    I highly recommend trying rally cars (such as the Ibishu Pessima (Old Version)) as there are many dirt roads and crest which if taking fast enough can lead to some nice air time. It's also great fun sliding an AWD around some of the hairpin turns and tight dirt corners.


    • High speed roads
    • Dirt tracks, paths & roads
    • Cambered flowing corners
    • Cliffs, Drops and elevation changes
    • Mountains
    • Waterfall
    • River
    • Beach
    • Village (WIP)
    • Race Track (WIP)
    • Bridges
    • Ponds/Small Lakes
    • Baja/TrophyTruck/4x4 Circuits
    • Switchbacks & Hairpin Turns
    • Realistic Rally styled jumps, crests and dips
    • Village (started)
    • More buildings dotted about (such as a petrol station)
    • Race Track (started, may be completely redone)
    • Smoothening roads out even more
    • Heavy offroading area + rock crawling
    • Fix tyre shredding bridge
    • Fix forest issue (no idea if this can be done)
    Endless possibilities for circuit creation using checkpoints

    I will add more detail to this description and more screenshots in the near future, I just wanted to get the map released in the mean time, the map will also be updated and hopefully the forest bug will be fixed asap.


    1. screenshot_00047.png
    2. screenshot_00050.png
    3. screenshot_00051.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. kolingen556
    Version: V1.00
    could you make this map for freeroam (if it is so thx^^)
  2. Aerohead1999
    Version: V1.00
    One thing i see is a issue is the grass is to slippery.. but great map keep it up.
  3. JakeD
    Version: V1.00
    Is there something wrong,because when I go into the game it says are you missing a file..
  4. Jason Louison 56
    Jason Louison 56
    Version: V1.00
    ECXELLENT START. But please consider adding AI support.
    1. chainsaw
      Author's Response
      Thankyou and I would love to but in all honesty; I have no idea of how to do this.
  5. DBeee
    Version: V1.00
    High speed smooth roads - Not sure if I'm missing them, but they're not that smooth.
    Dirt tracks, paths & roads - Awespme!
    Cambered flowing corners - Some random bumps on a few.
    Cliffs, Drops and elevation changes - Awesome.
    Mountains - Pretty.
    Waterfall - Can I not go swimming under it? Lovely. :D
    River - It's quite a flat river.
    Beach - Sand dunning fun!
    Village (WIP) - Not bad.
    Race Track (WIP) - Needs cleaning, still quite bumpy.
    Bridges - Has a tendancy to pop tyres.
    Ponds/Small Lakes - Another pretty thing.
    Baja/TrophyTruck/4x4 Circuits - Awesome.
    Switchbacks & Hairpin Turns - Love it, but I want more.
    Realistic Rally styled jumps, crests and dips - Perfect.
    Much more yet to be added - Can't wait

    It performs well, even on my potato. And I will be watching it, and can't wait for updates.
    1. chainsaw
      Author's Response
      Thankyou for the extensive review, I agree that the roads aren;t completely smooth as of yet however, I feel that they are much smoother than many other maps out there. I do recommend a vehicle with some more rugged suspension and better ground clearance, keep an eye out for the next update! :)
    Version: V1.00

    not alot of maps with a wide dirt road or dirt roads at all work for rallying

    so TANKS U
    1. chainsaw
      Author's Response
      You're welcome and thankyou for the rating + feedback :)
  7. Carkings
    Version: V1.00
    This is a very nice map to drive on (as expected from the description ofc) I might try fixing the forest problem for you but unfortunately I'm a noob in making maps but I'll give it a shot,this map deserves the download
    1. chainsaw
      Author's Response
      Thankyou very much, I'm glad you like it and feel free to have a go at fixing the forest problem, get back to me if you get anywhere with it :)
  8. JonnyTaunton
    Version: V1.00
    Its a good start, you have some very interesting roads there which are fairly challenging and from what I can see, once this is done it will be huge. However at the moment needs some more work because the roads are still stupendously bumpy and there are many dead ends but I'm sure once it is done it will be brilliant!
    1. chainsaw
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and feedback, personally I dont find the roads too bumpy at all so long as the right lines are taken through, many of the corners are banked/cambered, try not to hit the steeper parts going into them :)
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