Beta DOG3 Challenge Turbo GTRX (V12) 1.1

The first car of the company, from West Coast, U.S.A.

  1. SportsTron01YT_XD
    "The perfect car and engine, just for you and your personal creepy needs!!!" says the slogan of the DOG3 company!
    Now, for the car to have profit, it should be sold with 90K USD ($) but we won't do that, we make cheap cars with the best performance, so it will cost 25K USD ($)

    Q: How to install the mod manually?
    A: Install the mod, drag it from where you saved it, move it to '' Documents/ '' folder, boot up the game; And you are done!!!


    1. image_2021-02-14_142747.png
    2. image_2021-02-14_142809.png

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  1. DOG3 Challenge Turbo GTRX (V12)

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  1. nullbrain
    Version: 1.1
    Big fat five stars, all the way
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