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Outdated Djplopper Mega Pack Mod 0.6.6

1 Year Old Mod Full of Various Things, some are even good : )

  1. Djplopper

    This Pack has only one aim: Increase the car variety in the game through various mods
    screenshot_00006.png screenshot_00007.png screenshot_00008.png screenshot_00009.png screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00011.png screenshot_00012.png screenshot_00013.png screenshot_00014.png screenshot_00015.png screenshot_00016.png screenshot_00017.png screenshot_00018.png screenshot_00019.png screenshot_00020.png screenshot_00021.png screenshot_00022.png screenshot_00023.png screenshot_00024.png screenshot_00025.png
    • 503 Custom Configurations
    • Custom Skins
    • Custom Engines
    • Custom Parts
    • Custom Wheels and Tires
    • Custom Interiors
    • HD Preview Pics For Every Car
    • HD Skins
    • Detailed Descriptions With Performance Stats
    • High Quality Modelled Parts
    • Custom Engines With Realistic Torque Curves Based On Real Engines
    • Infinite Creativity Possibilities, Our Team Is Open To Any Challenge
    • Check the Update section for Changelogs
    • Post your Suggestions in the Discussion thread, or send me a Personal Message
    • Do not Reupload without my permission
    • Before Reporting a Bug check your other mods
    • If you have a version previous than The Latest Mod Update, Uninstall it!
    • Feel free to use my mod for scenarios, screenshots or videos
    • Drop the .zip into your Mods folder
    Thanks To
    • @meywue and @synsol for their mod support
    • @wrinkle345 for the ETK GT3, AWD Pessima and Covet and lots of parts, @Narwhal for the Sunburst Convertible and the Pessima Wagon and Drift ETK parts, @Bernd for the beautiful taxi signs, @daniel398767 , @Sh3lbYe for their custom etk k-series parts and @CreasingCurve for the etk GT3 rims
    • @AR162B for inspiration
    • @NinetyNine! for constant support and for sharing this beautiful modding experience that saw him and me as part of the two most successful mods in the last months
    • The Community and my Development Group Members for ideas, content and support

Recent Updates

  1. .
  2. 8.0 Final Hotfix: 10 Configs Added
  3. hotfix for 0.8 #2

Recent Reviews

  1. WalrusVersionofCRAZYRACER
    Version: 0.6.6
    Absolutely amazing in every way. Too bad it's outdated. Still works.
  2. clemsontigerfan3
    Version: 0.6.6
    Love this mod still needs updates :)
  3. twindaddy
    Version: 0.6.6
    Yay! Now I got more crap to crash!
  4. Hirochi
    Version: 0.6.6
    This is by far one of the best mods in the repository, but I give it a 3 star rating because of the removal of the Pessima Wagon and K-Series drift.
  5. EnjoyMyHItsYT
    Version: 0.6.6
    hey guy the mod is uotdated pls make it in :)
  6. zschmeez
    Version: 0.6.6
    Outstanding mod! Shame the latest update removes the Wagon Pessima, but the last version still works just the same, so I don't need to update. It's so good, even an outdated version works perfectly!
  7. DylanD
    Version: 0.6.6
    Hopefully this mod carries on...
    Also, i've still got the addon installed.
  8. peterthedoor
    Version: 0.6.6
    Always loved it, and i keep on going. It's simply awesome... and for the pessima wagon, i took the old .zip, deleted everything except the wagon body, and changed the zip name. I know it's wrong, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and i love wagons. And old pessimas. And old wagon pessimas. So, sorry not sorry.
  9. SMW22792
    Version: 0.6.6
    Crazy how one narcissistic person can take away a good thing from so many people (not the mod pack creator, but whoever the creator of the Pessima wagon is). Love the mod, but will not be updating. Probably going to make a backup of the current version I have just in case.
  10. glen
    Version: 0.6.6
    there are no new configs