Beta DieselMotors 5.0L V8 for the D-series 1.0

What you have all wanted, only better. With loads of torque and "Actual graphs"!!

  1. RELYT2012
    DieselMotors would like to announce a new product to all of you!

    The all new;
    DieselMotors 5.0L V8

    This engine has enough torque to pull a big rig! or maybe a train :cool:

    ~Specifications of the engine~
    LB-FT of torque - 600 +-10
    Horsepower - 300



    Well lets get into business then

    Here is the config you get, other parts the user can install included in config menu.

    DieselMotors V8

    Please enjoy and have a wonderful day! and stay tuned

Recent Reviews

  1. dooson24
    Version: 1.0
    Really good mod quality sounds and power but it NEEDS A REV LIMITER every time you get on it the engine over revs and causes valve train damage
    1. RELYT2012
      Author's Response
      Yes I agree, I think it just slipped my mind. Shall be included next update.
  2. Standard
    Version: 1.0
    0-60 in four seconds, 0-70 in eight years jk
  3. i_love_200bx
    Version: 1.0
    l LOVE your diesel mods. Please keep making some (4bt for the 200bx would be so cool!
    1. RELYT2012
      Author's Response
      Great idea, I had been planning it before. Suppose I shall do it then!
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