Alpha Demolition Derby - The Fair Grounds 9.0.1

Derby and Racing Scenario - Figure 8, Grass, Concrete, Mud and More

  1. Alpha Update 9.0.1- Fix for scenario not showing

    1) Vehicle config changes.
    2) Fix for scenario not showing. You should not have to unpack the mod.
  2. Alpha Update 9.0.0 - Derby Scenario App

    Alpha Update 9.0.0 Includes
    1. Created a new Derby Scenario App. The app allows you to drive to any point on any map in freeroam and then to create a derby scenario. Once you have a place to derby open the Demolition Derby Scenario App and click the Start Scenario Mode button. The location must have two waypoints and one road between two waypoint's to the ai's spawn point.
    2. Added tool tips to the Scenario loading screen. Click the ? mark next to each drop down...
  3. Alpha Update 8.5.0 - AI Derby Rewrite, Over Heat Fix, Internal Auto Backup Camera

    Alpha Update 8.5.0 Includes
    1. Improved welding on large vehicles and van,trucks
    2. Added auto reverse for the interior camera and hood camera modes.
    3. Rewrite of the Derby AI.
    4. Fix for overheating vehicles. They can still overheat to the point of the engine shutdown but only if the radiator is damaged.
  4. Alpha Update 8.0 - Welds, New Arenas, and more

    Alpha Update 8.0 Includes
    1. Fixed loading errors after the BeamNG 12 update
    2. Fixed the Derby Place App
    3. Added Oval Derby and Mud Pit Derby
    4. Renamed old Mud Pit Derby to Varied Ground Derby
    5. Corrected text on scenario to 17 opponents
    6. Fastest lap information will be stored in the\levels\derby\racedata folder.
    7. Added code for ai for collisions and side-to-side racing.
    8. Added a race ending message with top three places.
    9. Optimized the derby...
  5. Alpha Update 7.6 - Fixes and Other

    Alpha Update 7.6 Includes
    • You can now pause the scenario and use the Ctrl + e and tab keys to switch vehicles before the scenario starts. This needs to be done before the GO! displays.
    • Fixed the player vehicle selection drop down so now all vehicles show if you select "Random" and "All Mods and BeamNG - Official".
    • Changed the start configuration and positions.
    • New Driver Names.
    • Added ability for ai todrive around the center hole on the...
  6. Alpha Update 7.1 AI Fixes and Fire

    Alpha Update 7.1 Includes - fixes for a few issues from the 7.0 update.
    • Fixed Wall intersect problem - AI will now detect walls of Arena
    • Increased AI speed
    • Removed fire.
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  7. Alpha Update 7.0 Vehicle Selector

    Alpha Update 7.0 Includes
    • Fixed calls to scenarioVehicles causing the scenario not to reload.
    • Updated module calls to be for the Beamng 10.0 update. Calls now are moved to scenario_module.
    • Removed the extinguish fire command ( not working on the 10.0 update). Fires will happen again.
    • Added a selector for personal vehicle. You can pick which vehicle you want to drive for each class.
    • Added Mud Pit Arena
    • Added Pigeon Derby
    • Added Figure...
  8. Alpha Update 6.1 Racing and Other - HotFix 1

    Alpha Update 6.1 Includes - fix for a few issues from the 6.0 update.
    • Fixed the error loading the EKT800
    • Removed the lap counter for Derby
    • Added more separation after a hit on the derby arena's
  9. Alpha Update 6.0 Racing and Other

    Alpha Update 6.0 Includes

    • Added Dirt Track Oval and Racing AI - WIP
    1. AI will drive on two different racing lines and choose one at random
    2. The race will only end once you finish the race. The race results will not display anything yet.
    3. You must hit all the hidden checkpoints to complete a lap.
    • Added derby_racing lua file moved other lua code around
    • Added support from 1 - 15 opponent vehicles...
  10. Alpha Update 5.0 AI and Mods

    Alpha Update 5.0 Includes
    • Set tank level each ai update to prevent a leak from draining the gas tank.
    • Moved AI code to a new lua file.
    • AI Changes:
    AI pursuit behavior - AI will determine a future position of it's target based on speed and distance.

    AI Avoid - AI will avoid perimeter of the derby arena's.

    Added circle intersect for center of the Free Fall Arena. --WIP​
    • Mods - Created a new drop down selection where you can...
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