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Alpha Demolition Derby - The Fair Grounds 10.3.0

Derby and Racing Scenario - Figure 8, Grass, Concrete, Mud and More

  1. bidwars
    For More Information and Donations:


    Demolition Derby - The Fair Grounds
    Driving at the local county fair against 1 - 17 opponents. The fair grounds has multiple derby arena's to choose from. You can also pick your vehicle class for each round of the derby.

    • Drivers will be put on a timer if not moving and will be called out. The officials will decide cars not moving enough to be called out.
    • The last driver with an operational vehicle is the winner.


    Mod Selection

    All Mods and BeamNG - Official -
    Includes every vehicle in the game include any mods you have installed

    RDP NoDakSmack - The Realistic Derby Project - Includes only the vehicle configurations created by NoDakSmack
    You will need to download the mods from the links below:


    Peter Derby - Derby Stuff Mod Pack - Includes only the vehicles created by Peter (Unsupported)
    You will need to download the mods from the links below:
    F150 Mods - Includes only the vehicles created by F150
    All Mods - Includes any vehicle mods you have installed but not the official vehicles created by BeamNG.

    No Mods -
    Only vehicles that are created by DD-Indeed and Bidwars.

    Vehicles and Classes:
    Random - Randomly picks from any class, Compact Cars, Mid-Size Cars, Large Cars, Trucks/Pickups/Van/SUV's

    Luxury/Sport Cars - ETKC,ETK800, SBR

    Compact - Coupe, Hatch, Pessima, Sunburst, Miramar

    Mid-Size Cars - Legran, Pessima, ETKi, Midsize, Super

    Large Cars - Barstow, Fullsize, Moonhawk, Burnside

    Truck - Pickups/Van/SUV's - Pickup, Van, Roamer

    Heavy - Semis - Semis

    Stock and Derby Configurations (Created by DD-Indeed)

    Vehicle Configuration:
    Stock Config - Normal everyday vehicles you would find on the street.
    Pro-Derby Config - Higher end derby vehicles can include roll cages, bumpers, without lights, mirrors, glass, door panels, hubcaps, trim, ext...

    Basic-Derby Config - Standard Demolition Derby Configuration including v8's, steel rims, welded differentials but without bumpers, lights, mirrors, glass, door panels, hubcaps, trim, ext..
    Stripped Config - Standard Demolition Derby Configuration without doors (except drivers door), grille's, lettering, ext...

    Low-End Config - Stripped Configuration without drivers door, fenders, hood, and trunks.

    Auto - Model

    Allows you to select which vehicle to drive. If you click the drop down it will show a list of available vehicle models in the class you have selected.


    Arena's and Racing:

    Concrete Figure 8 Racing -
    Small narrow figure 8 racing track

    Oval Dirt Racing - Large dirt track

    Mud Pit Derby - Grass with mud area's

    Oval Dirt Derby - Derby on the oval dirt racing track in the middle of the track.

    Varied Ground Derby - Grass, Mud, and Concrete

    Grass Derby

    Concrete Derby

    Free Fall Derby


    Thank you for playing! Please leave feedback, video, suggestions, or a review. If you found an error or bug let me know on the discussion page!

    Known Issues:

    • Screen goes black when loading vehicles
    • Vehicles fail to load when removing some parts
    • Timer starts after vehicles are moving
    -Thank you DD-Indeed, F150, Peter for the vehicles!-


    1. 03132017-22003206.png
    2. 03132017-22005507.png
    3. 03132017-22025708.png
    4. 03132017-22051910.png
    5. 03132017-22053111.png
    6. 03132017-22071412.png
    7. 03132017-22083618.png
    8. 03132017-22120925.png
    9. 03132017-22121726.png
    10. 03132017-22131429.png
    11. 03132017-22131430.png
    12. 03132017-22133431.png
    13. 03132017-22133832.png
    14. DemolitionDerby-TheFairGrounds-avatar.jpg
    15. upload_2018-7-1_0-31-54.png
    16. upload_2018-7-1_0-32-39.png
    17. gdcommonbg.jpg
    18. gdcommonbg.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. mikelt
    Version: 10.3.0
    worthless, never worked once without crashing
  2. Sixtyfirst
    Version: 10.3.0
    This should be an official gamemode!
  3. I Arrow I
    I Arrow I
    Version: 10.2.0
    This mod was bloody fantastic. Had a lot of fun with it. However, when I went to start it up after a while of not using it, I had a problem. When I went to select the model of my car, all it had was "Auto Select" and for the map, it had "Custom". I tried to start it up, and it just gave me a screen with no car on it, a lap counter in the corner, and a muddy track leading off into the distance. It gave me a countdown and then nothing happened. I have tried redownloading the mod twice, and it didn't work. Help plez.
    1. bidwars
      Author's Response
      Please post the trouble you are having to the forum. It might be a simple fix. I need to get a copy of your BeamNG.log to help.
  4. helllo
    Version: 10.2.0
    Does not work at all, crashes the game and computer and introduces glitches and bugs into the game.
    1. bidwars
      Author's Response
      Please post the trouble you are having to the forum. It might be a simple fix.
  5. M4Mopar-QC
    Version: 10.2.0
  6. crazikyle
    Version: 10.1.0
    Overall its a great mod. The events are fun and you have a lot of options when setting up events giving you near endless replayability. As it stands now, this could be its own mode in the full final game. However, there are a few issues that make me give it 4 stars. Some of them could be fixed by the author in future updates while others are results of Beamng itself. First, I don't really care for the mod nearly doubling the number of configurations for some cars' derby versions. I'd like to see those configurations hidden if possible. Second, the AI is sometimes questionable. Its gets stuck in silly places or does weird things. I don't know if this is Beamng AI or something the author could improve on. Third, and this is something entirely on Beamng, cars can sometimes get stuck together. It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but it can still happen and be frustrating. It gets more likely later in matches as cars get more damaged and jagged. When it does happen, I have to try and do surgery with the node grabber to separate two cars. It doesn't always end well.

    The issues I just mentioned are pretty small, and they by no means detract from the overall enjoyment.
  7. BrunoPelogia
    Version: 10.1.0
    Playing this,specially with the realistic derby project , and of course using my g27 wheel is the biggest fun i ever had in a long time.My shoulders hurt from fighting the broken steering on the cars lol
  8. ThreeDTech21
    Version: 10.0.10
    Best mod on BeamNG!
  9. Wackypuppett
    Version: 10.0.10
    Very impressive!
  10. Mopower77
    Version: 10.0.6
    Most true to life derby mod that's ever been in a video game.
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