Unsupported Delta pioneer old

A 70's station wagon for grocery getting and family trips

  1. kravn
    The delta pioneer is the perfect vehicle for the family. with a powerful 350 cubic inch V8 making 280 hp that gets 5.9 mpg, and a top speed of 120 mph. with a total of 8 seats including rear facing trunk seats, this is the "ultimate go anywhere vehicle!" and for the low low price of $19,488, we are practically giving these things away! so you could buy what the other brand makes (which is probably better) or you could buy a Delta! oh did we mention it comes with a Premium AM radio!

    things to note: this barge weighs 4,048 lbs and has an open diff, so off-roading is not advised. its kinda fast with 0-60 in 5 sec, and 0-100 in 10 sec. the pioneer doesn't resemble any real car, it is just a 70's station wagon.

    Spoiler: next car will be japanese...

    As of 10/21/20, this mod doesn't meet my current design standards, Thanks to all who have downloaded my mods. It may sometimes take weeks, months, or even longer for me to fully decide if a project that I am working on is finished and looks representable. I will now focus on producing higher quality and more realistic Automation mods.
    I hope anyone who reads this will understand.

    HighresScreenshot00001.png HighresScreenshot00011.png HighresScreenshot00010.png HighresScreenshot00008.png HighresScreenshot00007.png HighresScreenshot00009.png HighresScreenshot00000.png
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