Unsupported default emergency pack 1.09

All default light bars on various default vehicles.

  1. silvermanblu

    This mod is now fully unsupported and is released for any and all modifications. Status of mod currently working is unknown in 0.25. Please check out my newer pack.

    This is my default emergency vehicle pack. A short synopsis is that it enables all of the games default emergency lighting on various default vehicles. It also includes some different variations of the default LED bar (Special thanks go to https://www.beamng.com/members/jschadle.65788/). And I would also like to thank Djplopper for the midsize parts that enables skinning on it.

    [Recommended Mods to add more emergency lighting]



    What's included in this release.
    200BX - (Two configs)(all lightbars working)
    Pessima and Pessima classic - (Two configs and one config respectively)
    Covet - (1 config)(all lightbars working)
    ETK I series - (2 configs)(all lightbars working)
    ETK 800 - (1 config)(all lightbars working)
    Moonhawk - (1 config and 2 skins)(all lightbars working)
    Barstow - (1 config)(all lightbars working)
    sunburst - (all lightbars working)
    roamer -(all lightbars working)
    pickup -(all lightbars working)
    Fullsize -(all lightbars working)
    Miramar - (1 config) (all lightbars working)
    Legran (all lightbars working) (One config) screenshot_00068.jpg

    What's planned for the future
    More configs

    Known bugs
    The Jbeam for the moonhawk/barstow sucks. It took me a coupe of hours to fix a problem with the light bar. It will not dislodge in a wreck.
    The lights on the 200BX config deform weird in wrecks.
    The ETK I configs throw a lot of errors, this will be fixed.
    The Hatch config is still broken, however you can add any lightbar to it from the parts menu.

    You are allowed to use any portion of this mod in your own modifications, credit would be nice, but not necessary.

    Thank you


    1. screenshot_00001.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. PSProductions Twin T
    PSProductions Twin T
    Version: 1.05
    I hate to rate what is probably a good mod this low. Everything works perfectly, and it is easy to tell that a lot of time and effort went into it. HOWEVER, this mod is completely broken. Few, if any of the thumbnails correspond with the configs, some show up in the files but not the game, and the mod is, overall, broken and buggy at best.
  2. RedboyGameplays
    Version: 1.05
    Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but please add Bolide police skin and sıren for bext update
  3. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 0.75
    cant wait update
  4. Jackets64
    Version: 0.75
    Please add sirens!
  5. JFXAM
    Version: 0.75
    Thank you soo much for making this available for everyone to use! I am making my own emergency pack and this is what I needed. (I tried texturing the lights myself, and my head still hurts lol)
  6. Hoofaa
    Version: 0.75
    this is a good mod and take a look at the sbr4's amber light bar (not led)
  7. BigStew14
    Version: 0.75
  8. ameyro1
    Version: 0.75
    A really well made mod and a great mod pack
  9. jschadle
    Version: 0.75
    Excellent work!
  10. [MLP] Arsta ♥
    [MLP] Arsta ♥
    Version: 0.75
    This is a good mod if you are looking for Police Vehicle Skins. The vehicles fit in well with the base BeamNG Drive basic cars. They all handle good, the livery of the vehicles are very realistic and well made. A amazing reskin mod.

    Thanks a ton to the Author for fixing the light bar issue! <3

    Install this mod comrades! You will not regret a larger PD Force in your game!
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