Dansworth D2500 (Type-D) Rear Engine Bus 7

Type-D version of the school bus with flat nose and rear engine based heavily on the t-series semi

  1. ThreeDTech21
    Dansworth American School Bus D2500 Type-D Rear Engine
    Capture.png Capture2.png D500_jato.png D2500_passengers_2.png D2500_Stock.png D2500_Stripped.png D2500_indestructable.png D2500_tech.png

    screenshot_2019-10-20_15-38-00.png screenshot_2019-10-20_15-37-11.png
    This is the Dansworth Yellow American School Bus Type-D Rear Engine Bus, now you can command a schoolbus!

    Some Info:
    TYPE D: A “type D school bus” is a body installed upon a chassis, with the engine mounted in the front, midship or rear, with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000, designed for carrying more than ten persons. The engine may be behind the windshield and beside the driver’s seat; it may be at the rear of the bus, behind the rear wheels, or midship between the front and rear axles. The entrance door is ahead of the front wheels. A type D school bus has a maximum length of 45 feet

    Different camera views
    24 passengers
    All working lights
    Working doors​

    How to drive a school bus
    Before coming to a stop to pick up kids, put on your hazards
    when at full stop turn on you parking brake
    wait until the kids sit down
    turn off your parking brake
    turn off your hazard
    signal left / check your mirrors
    pull off slowly and depart : )

Recent Updates

  1. New Additions!
  2. Hotfix for passengers
  3. The "Near Perfect" Update

Recent Reviews

  1. jtrusstruck
    Version: 7
    so much detail love it!
  2. TheMASTER07
    Version: 7
    The name sounds amazing and that the looks are amazing
  3. Heirdrefalt
    Version: 7
    I love this mod but the only thing is that it should have configs like the type c bus and also the logo remodel. so just make It more like the type c. but it's original and that's what I like.
  4. Marto
    Version: 7
  5. interceptical
    Version: 7
    I love this bus. Please make a short bus version of this!
  6. KValda
    Version: 7
    Very cool!!! The game is really needed such a mod!
    Buy the way I would like to strengthen the doors to they do not break from accidents
  7. trooperthegreat
    Version: 7
  8. Valve Anti-Cheat
    Valve Anti-Cheat
    Version: 7
    It's a good mod that I would like to see updated. The steel wall bumper option is no longer working (it doesn't spawn). Also the flying bus is a little difficult to control but no big deal.
  9. Ege 2
    Ege 2
    Version: 7
    great work
  10. Wallyg380
    Version: 7
    This is for the flying bus. It's really good, but just something I'd suggest updating to make it work better. First, the elevator area is at the bottom of the bus, which is causing it to act like something is flipping it. Moving that area up towards the top of the bus, or even on the main wings may work better. But, it would need to be higher. This is also why it's difficult for the bus to take off. Moving that area to just behind the center of mass like how an airplane has with the wheels may also work.
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