Daeuwu Espresso 2022 (A Daewoo Espero and Leganza modernization) 1.0

A 2022 Daewoo!

  1. Arminoderso
    default.png The mighty V6 with around 245HP will make your ears pop as soon as you rev it.


    1. Photo8_1920-1080.png
    2. Photo9_1920-1080.png
    3. Photo10_1920-1080.png
    4. Photo11_1920-1080.png
    5. Photo12_1920-1080.png
    6. screenshot_2022-05-16_15-15-38.png
    7. screenshot_2022-05-16_15-37-01.png
    8. unknown.png
    9. 893405-06c0800784a375072c1711724b343e6b.png

Recent Reviews

  1. GTTR__2013
    Version: 1.0
    the rear doesnt fit but otherwise its nice
    1. Arminoderso
      Author's Response
      Rear is supposed to be a Daewoo Espero
      Front is more like a Leganza
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