Experimental Custom Semi-Automatic Shift Patterns 1.0

New Shift Patterns for H-Shifter Wheels

  1. michael396
    New Shift Logic .lua's for use with nonconventional "Automatic" transmission setups.

    As in, Automated Manuals/Semi-Automatics.

    They're standard 4/5/6 Gear Manual patterns made to work with a customized Automatic Transmission.



    They lack any autonomous function; working as intended. These are for clutchless Manuals.

    This is a Modder/Tweaker's Resource...

    To add to your transmissions,

    "vehicleController": {
    "shiftLogicName":"5A" //Or 4A/6A, depending on # of gears
    "automaticModes":"PRN54321", //Again, change per # of gears
    "autoDownShiftInM": false

    I still need to create transmissions for the default cars in order for them to work. I only have them created for my personal car, which I cannot release.

    Note to End Users: This is not a playable Mod yet;
    My transmission pack will be uploaded soon (A couple of days)

    Possible FAQ's:
    Q: Why though?
    A: Because I needed it for a project.

    Q: That's unrealistic!
    A: Google "Clutchless Manual"/ "Semiautomatic Transmission."

    Q: But it's a conventional Planetary Gearset?
    A: So was the Model A... And thousands of modern cars have some form of manual gear selection.

    Long story short, I dislike how the vehicles behave in "Manual Mode", and the fact that I have to keep moving my hands back and forth between my wheel and the console, so I improvised.

    Note that these are not "L" gears. The vehicle is locked into whatever gear you put it in. Just like a manual.

Recent Reviews

  1. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 1.0
    good idea need works aswell
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