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Beta (CUN car pack) Concept,Ugly and Never released Durian's cars pack 0.3

What you sholud have never seen

  1. Staji
    In this pack I've put, as the title says, all the cars that I thought they were or too ugly to be seen and driven or too incoerent with Durian's lore:

    - Durian Seaside (Concept) (Ugly) (Never Released)
    This is the very first car I've ever made with Automation, LC'S grandpa, it looked ugly, handled pretty badly but, at least, it had a decent speed

    -0-100kph (62mph): 10,80
    -Top speed: 137 kph (85 mph).
    screenshot_2019-06-15_15-32-08.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-32-55.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-33-07.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-33-20.png

    - NotWanted (Never Released) (Ugly)
    As the name says this car wasn't actually wanted. It was born from a funny night with some friends where, one of them, decided to create this ab.. coff coff beauty....

    -0-100kph (62mph): 9.80 seconds
    -Top speed: 189 kph (117 mph)
    screenshot_2019-06-15_15-53-42.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-54-07.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-54-19.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-54-34.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-56-25.png

    - Durian V8 (Concept) (Ugly) (Never Released)
    Just terrible.... Boring, ugly, slow,noisy but, at least, gives you a reason to destroy it with a slow and pained method.... ok too creepy... sorry;

    -0-100kph (62mph): 20,00 seconds (I felt bored just writing it)
    -Top speed: 122 kph (75 mph)
    screenshot_2019-06-15_15-34-48.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-35-14.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-35-25.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-35-41.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-35-57.png

    - Durian Spaceship (Never Released)
    A pretty big family VAN that did not have the possibility to shine, not too bad looking and drives good

    -0-100kph (62mph): 17.40 seconds
    -Top speed: 141kph (87mph)
    screenshot_2019-06-15_15-47-15.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-47-32.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-47-55.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-48-20.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-48-39.png

    - Durian Duke (Concept)
    Actually just a duke a bit slower and a bit different looking

    - 0-100kph (62mph): 6.30 seconds
    -Top speed: 273 kph (169mph)
    screenshot_2019-06-15_15-44-31.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-44-42.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-44-50.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-45-08.png

    -Skyshape (Never Released)
    Is not even one of Durian's car, made just to test the Light campaign mode, enjoyable

    - 0-100 kph (62mph): 9.20 seconds
    - Top speed: 192 kph (119mph)
    screenshot_2019-06-15_16-10-06.png screenshot_2019-06-15_16-10-24.png screenshot_2019-06-15_16-10-34.png screenshot_2019-06-15_16-10-45.png

    - Durian NotNamed (Concept) (Never Released)
    An hypercar that was born in one of my "insanity" moments that was actually coming out really good but I decided to remove it from my "going to be released cars" list becouse it was going too much out of the lore

    - 0-100kph (62 mph): 4.05 seconds
    - Top Speed: 343 kph (213 mph)
    screenshot_2019-06-15_16-06-40.png screenshot_2019-06-15_16-06-48.png screenshot_2019-06-15_16-07-16.png screenshot_2019-06-15_16-05-29.png

    -Durian XL (Concept)
    The actual concept of the "WhiteMount", with bigger fixtures on the front and a bit less detailed

    - 0-100kph (62mph): 17.60
    - Top speed: 138 kph (85 mph)
    screenshot_2019-06-15_15-40-28.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-40-46.png screenshot_2019-06-15_15-41-04.png

    -Durian DesertFlow 03 (Concept)
    Just the DesertFlow 03's concept, had a completly different body and fixtures but same specs

    - 0-100kph (62mph): 7.26 seconds
    - Top Speed: 229kph (142mph)

    screenshot_2019-07-09_22-44-57.png screenshot_2019-07-09_22-45-13.png screenshot_2019-07-09_22-45-24.png screenshot_2019-07-09_22-45-41.png screenshot_2019-07-09_22-47-53.png screenshot_2019-07-09_22-48-06.png screenshot_2019-07-09_22-48-13.png screenshot_2019-07-09_22-48-23.png screenshot_2019-07-09_22-48-54.png

    -Durian Ebuc (Concept) (Ugly)
    This Van was a "tiny" little idea that stayed in my mind for a pretty short time so it started and remained just like a sketch, it handles pretty badly and drives at the same way.
    One of the ugliest cars I've ever made

    -0-100 kph (62mph): 17.30 seconds
    -Top speed: 142kph (88mph)
    screenshot_2019-09-08_00-08-02.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-08-13.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-08-28.png

    -Durian Egg (Concept) (Ugly)
    This car was born as the car that should have ended Durian's lore, fortunately it didn't, is not that bad to drive but is really ugly to see. Watch it by yourself

    - 0-100 kph (62mph): 23.6 seconds
    - Top Speed: 119 kph (73mph)
    screenshot_2019-09-07_23-50-44.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-51-01.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-51-11.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-51-32.png

    -Durian Hawk 2019 (Concept)
    This was the Hawk's concept where, for the first time, I tried to remake the first style of the car with much more modern looking fixtures that went pretty badly: The tail lights were terrible, the front wasn't that bad but not ok at all, the rims were messed up and the handling wasn't satisfying at all

    - 0-100 kph (62mph): 3.50 seconds
    - Top Speed: 260 kph (161mph)
    screenshot_2019-09-07_23-54-20.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-54-36.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-54-46.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-55-00.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-55-17.png

    -Durian Hawk Duke Agent 008 (Never Released)
    This Hawk was completly finished and ready to be released but it didn't make to the community becouse I wasn't satisfied with it's style.
    (It has four little fixtures, two on the front and two on the back, that are there to represent the micro machineguns and the oil holes

    - 0-100 kph (62mph): 3.30 seconds
    - Top Speed: 324 kph (201 mph)
    screenshot_2019-09-08_00-02-42.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-02-51.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-03-04.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-03-14.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-03-24.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-03-30.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-02-33.png

    -Durian BeamCar
    Sedan (Never Released)
    This one too was completly ready to be delivered to you but had a last minute problem with the engine files that made it kinda of electric, essentially it didn't make any sounds

    - 0-100 kph (62mph): 9.04 seconds
    - Top speed: 217 kph (135 mph)
    screenshot_2019-09-07_23-45-28.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-46-08.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-46-18.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-46-28.png screenshot_2019-09-07_23-46-45.png

    -Durian Timmy
    (Concept) (Ugly)
    This one was a tiny little SUV that was thought to be an "offroad sleeper" beast inspired on the Jimny,
    unfortunately it became ugly and the way it drove didn't satisfied me so it remained in the way it was

    - 0-100 kph (62mph): 14.2 seconds
    - Top speed: 142kph (88mph)
    screenshot_2019-09-08_00-12-08.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-12-17.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-12-35.png screenshot_2019-09-08_00-12-43.png

    P.s hope you'll like it, it' still a beta so if you find something wrong just tell and I'll adjust it

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  1. BeamCar
    Version: 0.1
    Staji, you did it again. Wonderfully ugly car pack. :)
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