Beta CrashHard Classic 0.98.6

Loose control and fly off the road in style

  1. CrashHard
    The Old car prosject have burned me out a bit, so I will release it as is.
    And this mod to have many parts colliding with each other, so it can be a bit laggy (sorry).

    If you have lagging, switch to the BODY FOR LOWEND PCs in the parts menu.
    Bugs, suggestions or just to talk about the mod, can be done here:

    The Crashhard Classic in action:

Recent Reviews

  1. DogTheLog
    Version: 0.98.6
    PRE WAR!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Rednasz
    Version: 0.98.6
    Really good! But please make the crashhard dummy work with this car!! :D
    1. CrashHard
      Author's Response
      Sadly the dummy is way too big. Was so disappointing.
  3. AmtrakSurflinerF59-PHI
    Version: 0.98.6
    I love 1930s-40s cars. You can make more models and add sounds horn, police, taxi version ? it's possible
  4. Delta747Fan
    Version: 0.98.6
    It's always nice to have new Classics in this game! I know this has been a mod for a while, I've had it for a while. Love all of the parts!
  5. a plane guy
    a plane guy
    Version: 0.98.6
    if i could fly
  6. bremerpascal94
    Version: 0.98.5
    This Mod is really well made...

    but i wish me some parts for the next update...

    Front/Rear Racing Disc Brakes

    Finished floor (you can see the Transmission from inside)

    Adjustible 5 Speed Manual Transmission

    Supercharger or Turbo upgrade

    maybe tinted Windows? to create the real Godfella Car from the 30s:D

    Even at this Point, the Mod is still awesome...

    thx for create it..
  7. sabinoplane
    Version: 0.98.5
    Beautiful, extremely high quality mod, my only critique is to give it a more immersive name ("CrashHard Classic??? seriously?? something more lore-friendly would make this so much better!) and to make the low end pc body the default and high end optional, i have no problem loading the high end one, but it will make the car more consistant with the vanilla mods and make this less of a pain to have and use in BeamMP (since part swapping doesnt sync there yet)
  8. carlover6x6
    Version: 0.98.5
    I belive i will die in this car by flying off the road
  9. DaddelZeit
    Version: 0.98.5
    Time to lose control and fly off the road in style!
  10. dancio751
    Version: 0.98
    My favourite car from WW II
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