Beta Cobalt's Custom Replicas pack 0.1.1,100219

a repicas pack mod but Customized!

  1. cob4lt974
    its still on heavy devolpment, more cars to come
    you can request a car on:
    and here it is
    1.LOTUS CARLTON 'revbomber' bodykit
    HighresScreenshot00154.png HighresScreenshot00155.png HighresScreenshot00156.png HighresScreenshot00157.png supra mk3 'revbomber' bodykit
    HighresScreenshot00168.png HighresScreenshot00167.png HighresScreenshot00169.png HighresScreenshot00166.png
    3.isuzu impluse 'revbomber' bodykit
    HighresScreenshot00165.png HighresScreenshot00164.png HighresScreenshot00163.png HighresScreenshot00162.png mustang foxbody 'revbomber' bodykit
    HighresScreenshot00158-Copy.png HighresScreenshot00159.png HighresScreenshot00160.png HighresScreenshot00161.png integra DC2 type-R 'Revbomber' bodykit
    HighresScreenshot00174.png HighresScreenshot00175.png HighresScreenshot00176.png
    note that these car made in very long time gap between each, so some will look better than others(the oldest is carlton the newest is integra
    more bodykit planed in future
    did something wrong, request, tell me below or via the tread ,link in above
    thank you

Recent Reviews

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    Version: 0.1.1,100219
    I can’t believe nobody gave this a rating yet.
    You cars look good and resemble what the want to resemble!
    I like the Foxbody stang. And pretty much all other cars in the pack. Keep it up!
    1. cob4lt974
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much, thats really meaningful :D
      By the way, ive been make a Saleen version of accona that youve requested last year.
      And ive trying to create a '01 mustang and its almost done so stay tuned ;D
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