Beta Classic Engine & Parts 6.9.1

A mod that adds a whole new engine and loads of parts

  1. jimmyking
    School has started for me and mod development has been slowed so if it takes longer than usual for updates to come out that's why sorry for the inconvenience
    turns out to be taking MUCH longer than usual for the update to come out and yes I'm still working on it just to let everyone know that I'm not dead or not working

    NEW OFFICIAL SITE all images will now be on the new site and a new reporting system

    UNDER Overall Progress / Updates

    upcoming new branding name coming
    in next update

    here is the logo
    I have name picked out
    just not announcing it
    till the update

    the van is coming soon


    think something is missing or wrong just ask and tell what parts you want me to add / change just go to my official site and go to SUGGESTIONS / REPORT PROBLEMS

    list of added parts:

    JK 335 cui v8 engine
    heavy duty large radiator
    standard small radiator
    2 lobe super charger + 4 lobe super charger
    custom single exhaust header
    drum brakes for the front wheels
    oil cooler
    4 barrel carburetor + adjustable + dual 4 barrel carburetors
    rev limiter + adjustable
    modifications with stronger, performance and
    super strong internals
    exhaust pipes with optional catalyst and single side pipe
    for all frames
    3-speed class-matic 4 speed manual transmission
    custom offroad like beds for the pickup for all frames and types even the short bodies
    custom snorkel
    custom dual exhaust
    animated mechanical fan and electric fan
    valvetrain types like pushrod and SOHC
    cam profile mods
    extras like engine damage
    back of cab fuel take for pickup
    classic front beam axle
    rear step bumper for roamer
    mechanical fan mode for the modded radiators
    GEN2 intake manifold with MPFI


    adjustable 4 barrel carburetor with adjustable idle jet and main jet
    changeable air filters with engine performance and sound differences with different models
    variable gear ratios and presets for the 3-speed class-matic
    the heavy duty large radiator and standard small radiator has a adjustable thermostat and cooling fan type mechanical or electric fan both animated of course
    the mechanical fan mode has adjustable fan speeds
    manual transmission with changeable flywheel and clutch and same with automatic

    anything with JK infront is part of this mod some may not have JK in front on propose

    all models are custom and made by me and the parts was
    borrowed from other vehicles
    parts have custom models and jbeams

    whats planned:
    wait for the van to get a update
    add turbocharger to gen 2
    and more

    copyright © 2022 all rights reserved

Recent Reviews

  1. the pigeon guy
    the pigeon guy
    Version: 6.9.1
    nice, but we need two HUGE engines: 523 cui v8 and 851cui v10 truck engine (for t,h,d,and bluebuck)
  2. Divepunk
    Version: 6.9.1
    Yes I realize I've posted a nice review already.
    I've a suggestion and there is no discussion page.

    True duels that exit out one side behind the rear tires(Like a Generation 1 F-150 Lightning). Perhaps With an option to have them on either side maybe even in front of one of the tires too.

    Also on that note, what about a version of the your duel exhaust system that exits both sides in front of the rear tires. similar to the BeamNG official "Side Pipes" only with mufflers and prolly a single exhaust tip on each side.

    Ok that's it, this mod is still as badass as ever.
  3. TMccanna
    Version: 6.9.1
    Meh, its cool with all the parts but there is problems such as poor texturing on the new body parts, plus for a 335 engine (is that even real) it still seems to make way to much power, maybe a weaker small block of sorts with emissions control? its pretty nice to have parts like these on the d series though
    1. jimmyking
      Author's Response
      yes i know it make a bit to much power in the next update hopefully everything is going to be balanced
  4. edwardz_
    Version: 6.9.1
    one of the best engine mods in the game, i would suggest adding more old parts with problems to simulate an older engine, such as a old and weak starter motor.
  5. Omrie
    Version: 6.9.1
    I LOVE THIS MOD. The Engine Is Very Good With The High Quality Models And Wide Range Of Parts. The Exhaust Is Amazing In The Way That You Can LITERALLY TUNE THE SOUND IN TUNING. I Waited For That For Ages. But, If You Could, Can You Add The Exhaust Sound Tuning To The Stock Mufflers? They Are Already Modeled And Placed So I Suppose You Would Just Have To Copy Some Coding. Please, I Would Give It 6 Stars If You Did Lol.
  6. M1128Stryker
    Version: 6.9.1
    Yoooo this is abolutely the best! You're a legend :D
    1. jimmyking
  7. Divepunk
    Version: 5
    I've been looking for true duals on the D-series since around the date I made this account (that's at least 6 years!). They are also very well done. Two variants of dual exhaust(at the time of this review). Cats or no cats a badass feature that's not even necessary to make the exhaust good.

    Yes I fully know that there are BeamNG official true dual exhaust in game right now but nothing that you could legally drive on the street(and keep from setting off car alarms lol). Cause they have no mufflers or option for them.

    Only thing I'd change, and I am actually going to modify as soon as I post this review is making at least one of the true dual exhausts louder then stock but not so loud it would probably be illegal in most US states.

    All in all 5 stars, been waiting entirely to long for a mod like this. All I've tested is the duals, and yo... that's all I need to giver 'er 5 stars.
    1. jimmyking
      Author's Response
      your welcome and nice to see that someone likes my new exhausts so much to rate 5 stars
  8. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 5
    can you add all of the tuning parts to all engines
    1. jimmyking
      Author's Response
      what kind of parts superchargers internal modifications?
  9. Brian Lee
    Brian Lee
    Version: 4.2
    A cylinder deactivation/start-stop function would be nice.
    1. jimmyking
      Author's Response
      i'm still new to lua programing plus this mod is meant to be like an old classic times mod nothing to modern and ill like to stick to that sorry
  10. Szymon2007
    Version: 4.2
    dang the man livin in the future
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