CJD Special Tunes 2.2

high performance parts for all vehicles

  1. Holiday update

    Now that I have a break from uni work I've finally got around to updating the mod.

    - traction control and two-step is now available for most cars, found under 'CJD Race ECU'
    - 10 - speed DCT for T-series and Wentward DT40L
    - 7 - speed DCT for ETK I series and 200BX
    - Offroad configs for D-series, H-series and roamer
    - complete overhaul of engine block/internals and balance changes to some intakes - now both will need to be used to make the most power
    - supercharger intake is available for 6.0L diesel in H-series and D-series
    - Wentward now has a 'CJD Special' config
    - T-series 'CJD Special' now uses a 10-speed DCT
    - 200BX 'CJD Drift Special' now uses a tuned 4.0L V8 (same engine found in bolide)
    - Sunburst and LeGran 'CJD Special' now use 3.0L V6
    - new Pessima has been changed to FWD as the AWD and RWD are bugged - still not sure why or how, but the option is still available for those who want to use it
    - refined gearbox shift logic - should be much better now, but still not perfect
    - Miramar 'CJD Special' now has a more classic racer vibe
    - other minor changes to some configs and updated info
    - updated steering to new system and added drift options to some cars

    * This should be most of what changed but I may have forgotten some things as per.
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