Civetta Bolide 'Evolution' 4.20

vibe check

  1. mcnugget

    fixed signals
    added racing harnesses
    removed soggy mcnuggets
  2. engine wooo

    added TT engine

    not much to say, small update tonight sjlfhds
  3. Rollcage + smaller wheels/wheels removed

    Yes, i had noticed the 18in wheels looked a bit large. so i made a pair of 17in wheels to fit the car better
    they only come in white. you can find the rest of the wheels here (may not be approved) with all colours but only in 18in. i will add more sizes and more options to that mod, but not this one. these are specific to the bolide in 17x12 rears and 17x10 fronts.
    along with that, ive added a rollcage and done some...
  4. EVO Wheels

    • Added EVOII wheels based off the Desmond Regamaster EVOII wheels. 8 colours with and without decals. Currently only in 18in

      • [*]Gloss New Almighty Grey + Decals
        [*]Gloss New Almighty Grey
        [*]Gloss Black + Decals
        [*]Gloss Black
        [*]Bronze + Decals
        [*]Gold + Decals
        [*]Satin Gunmetal + Decals
        [*]Satin Gunmetal
        [*]Gloss Gunmetal + Decals
        [*]Gloss Gunmetal
        [*]Silver + Decals
        [*]Gloss White + Decals
        [*]Gloss White
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