Beta Civetta Bolide Cabrio V2

Cruising in the sun!

  1. Blijo
    Lady's and gentlemen,

    Crank up the volume of your Rock and Synthesizer classics and open BeamNG because it's here: The ultimate way to relax, cruise, race and getting a sunburn, the Civetta Bolide Cabrio!
    Available in a lot of configurations so you will find something to your liking! Even you metalheads will be able to have fun with the Bolide Cabrio 'Notte'.

    Thanks to the outstanding Italian quality you will find Rollbars and a reinforced windscreen to keep your head on its place when you are not relaxed enough or just can't drive.

    This mods adds a new body style for the Bolide, with a lot of configurations.
    It has a custom tailgate, tailcone and doors, and of course, no roof.
    It also has a few custom camera's, have fun with them too!
    Jbeam is changed by me.

    - Skins may give a few weird spots on the new bodyparts, can't really fix that.
    - I'm not a very good modeller so it might not be as good as official content.
    - Tailgate and windscreen vibrate a bit on spawn, but when driving it will stop.
    - Console gives an error about the camera's, this is mainly because I had to do some stuff to get it working at all.

    Do not share or modify this mod without my permission please!
    screenshot_00412.png screenshot_00424.png screenshot_00425.png screenshot_00435.png screenshot_00445.png screenshot_00449.png screenshot_00450.png screenshot_00451.png
    BeamNG for the game.
    @synsol for error checking
    @Nadeox1 for the UV-help in the beginning
    My testers:
    @FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL
    And everyone I forgot to mention

    Feel free to buy me fuel/food/carparts :)

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  1. Bolide Cabrio V2

Recent Reviews

  1. Spectxre
    Version: V2
    can u make it so it looks like a normal bolide, but if we press M it turns itself into a convertible, like with the hardtop ferrari california T?
  2. Speedy_Alex77
    Version: V2
    Yeah, the idea is approved but it's not clean: it's like cutting the roof of a car with a chainsaw.
    Consequently: le car folds herself when you have a frontal crash. In addidtion, the rear hood is badly adapted, it look like a piece of metal cuted with a fork and a knife.

    I could have rated it 4 star, but I know that is guy won't update it. So it's 3 stars and it's gonna stay at 3 stars.
  3. thatvolkswagenguy1306
    Version: V2
    Reminds me of that cabrio Testarossa Ferrari made. A truely great mod!
  4. YortstarGaming
    Version: V2
    this requires the song "California love" by TupakShakir
  5. (G.E.W.P) LeNormalPlayer
    (G.E.W.P) LeNormalPlayer
    Version: V2
    Sunglasses required.
  6. Trastorno
    Version: V2
    My favourite vehicle to chase after. Amazing how removing a roof can add so much personality to a car.
  7. JetPoweredMacintoshâ„¢
    Version: V2
    Cool! Does need a targa BADLY though,
  8. Gage Plays
    Gage Plays
    Version: V2
    Great mod, fits in with one of my personal configs I made.
    Is there a way you can make a Targa top version?
  9. Youngtimer
    Version: V2
  10. Neidjel
    Version: V2
    I liek dis mod a lots :)))
    1. Blijo
      Author's Response
      Are you hacked by some orange person and his "her"?
      Anyway, thanks for the review
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