Beta Citybus Hybrid Drivetrain 2.0

A custom configuration of the City Bus that adds a "hybrid" drivetrain


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  1. New Custom Gearbox!

    This is a fairly major update. I've completely rewritten the eCVT gearbox so that it is no longer a modified version of the BeamNG CVT, but rather a completely unique simulation of a real planetary "Power Split Device" as is found in Toyota and Ford's hybrid vehicles!

    The gearbox now simulates two separate electric motors using simplified (but still fairly realistic) electric motor torque equations, as well as simulating a planetary gearbox with the...
  2. Fix for BeamNG Halloween Update

    This update mainly fixes compatibility with the BeamNG Halloween update, which changed a significant portion of the shiftLogic modules. Some minor improvements to they hybrid system are also included.
  3. Harder, better, faster, stronger!

    I've made lots of improvements to the handling and performance of the hybrid system and fixed several bugs/nuances found by community members. This update to the Citybus is accompanied by the same updates to the ETK800 Hybrid!

    Improvements to Citybus:
    - Engine idle stop is now enabled by default on the standard configuration (and can be turned off in the Tuning tab). Unlike the ETK, the bus engine will only shut off if the brakes are held beyond a certain point and the speed is below 15...
  4. Brand new hybrid system!

    I completely redid the hybrid drivetrain from scratch, initially on the ETK800 (coming soon!) and then ported it (with very few modifications) to the citybus. The new system does not use thrusters, but rather simulates electric torque directly on the gearbox output (as a real hybrid transmission would operate). It's also far more configurable, hence why it was able to be adapted to both a small hatchback and a large city bus with none more than a few parameter tweaks.

    The biggest thing...
  5. Technology upgrade: hybrid battery

    This update adds rudimentary hybrid battery simulation to the bus. Light acceleration and gentle braking will utilize the hybrid battery best, taking some of the load off of the engine, which reduces fuel consumption and noise. Heavy acceleration or long uphill climbs will drain the battery faster and require the engine to work harder. Likewise, heavy braking with the brake pedal (instead of regenerative braking) will waste energy that could otherwise recharge the battery.

    The battery...
  6. Improve drivetrain behavior

    Added some additional drivetrain features to more accurately mimic real hybrid buses. Now works with both a CVT or a sequential automatic transmission (some of Chicago's hybrid buses don't use a CVT, for example). Also added an electric motor whine sound.
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