Experimental Citroën Méhari Electric 1.0

An off-road classic reimagined with 21st-century green technology!

  1. Nathan24™

    This vehicle is 5 of 5 in my Citroën Méhari series! This is an experimental electric version I made because I was bored. I followed this great tutorial on YouTube by this user called fillman86 on how to convert an Automation car to EV.

    IMPORTANT: For the vehicle to work, you must go into the vehicle configurator. Under "Automation Exported Engine," go to the slot that reads "battery back" and select "50kWH Battery Pack." If the battery pack is not equipped, the vehicle won't be able to drive!

    Links to other variants (be sure to check these out!):
    1. Stock
    2. Custom
    3. Trackday
    4. 4x4
    5. Electric
    This vehicle is a Citroën Méhari with a fully-electric powertrain that was manufactured new by a small company that specializes in classic-styled vehicles with EV powertrains. Its acceleration is quick and smooth, and because of its electric motor, it is very quiet. However, the top speed is limited to 47 miles per hour, which is considerably less than its gas-powered counterpart. This vehicle also has modern-looking 6 spoke wheels and comes in a special color called "Electric Blue." So now you can cruise the beach in your Citroën Méhari and be environmentally-friendly at the same time! :)

    Since there is not much else to say, here are some pictures!

    screenshot_2021-12-14_17-23-56.png screenshot_2021-12-14_17-24-09.png screenshot_2021-12-14_17-24-27.png

    Did I also mention it could drive underwater? :rolleyes:
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