Car Games V2 1.1.2

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals to be won

  1. Fixes of the fixes

    Fixes to some issues caused by the inheritance implementation of 1.0.4
    • This fixes powerups not resetting after the latest update.
    • This also fixes cue games 3:3 from not being reset
    • Also, the collision for a nitro powerup in airborne 2:5 has been disabled to prevent you crashing into it
  2. Powerup fixes

    • Fixed powerups not correctly working which gated progress through the mod.
    • This should also fix any problems with errors in the log about non-existent functions too.
    Particles may still be broken in either smallgridspace or smallgrid; still looking into this issue currently.
  3. Update to 0.14 + A few more fixes and tweaks

    This update fixes the JSON reading change that happened in 0.14.
    Also, there's a few more tweaks and fixes:

    • Fixed championship points not allocating properly if a previous best was already better than the medal you achieved
    • Fixed championships not allowing anymore points for the last event if you already had more than 15
    • Fixed occasional issue of spamming of console with error messages when changing from curling to another event
    • Fixed championship display not...
  4. More Miscellaneous Fixes

    Just a few more fixes:
    • Fixed the medal progress tracker on the side of themes being the same for all themes
    • Fixed power-ups not re-spawning upon resetting the scenario is 2:1
    Quick update on the particle situation - I haven't found a fix yet but they seem a bit inconsistent. You may find that levels that take place in smallgrid no longer show but those in smallgrid space do or vice versa. Still not sure what is causing this but I'm still looking into it
  5. Minor Fixes

    A few fixes:
    • Fixed car not rotating when being reset in 3:4
    • Fixed respawn not resetting car and giving points in 4:4
    • Fixed missing .dae files for the lava rocks in 4:4
    Note: particles are being weird at the moment and don't like showing up. I'm currently trying to fix this but not much luck yet.
  6. Car Games V2.0

    This update has been in the works for a fair few months now, but it is finally here!

    A lot of things have been changed or improved in this update, but the core premise and most scenarios resemble what they were before.

    I will say that I do expect some bugs to be present (partly because I am terrible at bug testing :p) and so the mod will be going back to beta.

    Among the biggest of changes is that the code has been cleaned up massively and should make it easier to maintain from my point of...
  7. Bug fixes and quality of life features

    Bit of a delay on this one; wanted to try and fix the main bugs with this mod but didn't quite get around to them all. I'm sure I have missed a few and there will probably be another update similar to this addressing those.

    Mostly bug fixes and trophy room changes with a few new changes here and there.

    Some models have changed so to prevent some issue with cache files, clear your cache before using the mod!

    Trophy Room:

    • ...
  8. Some fixes for 0.12

    • Fixed error in Lua file causing the trophy room to be inaccessible
    • Fixed all scenarios not working since the latest update
  9. Misc fixes

    • Forgot to include the powerup handler for some scenarios which prevented them from working
    • Fixed lip on targets 5:4
    • Added added a fail-state to targets 5:4 if you fall off the course
    • Fine tuned some particles in theme 4
  10. Clean Up

    This update is mostly focused around 'behind the scenes' clean up. There is hardly any visual changes but it cleans up the mod a bit.
    • Added a fail-state to car target levels if you fall off the course
    • Changed the textures of the satellite(s) in the space theme
    • Cleaned up texture files
    • Removed duplicate models
    • Cleaned up script files
    More content is planned but I'm working on other things so it'll likely be a bit slow moving. Suggestions are always welcome as...
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