Car Games V2 1.1.2

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals to be won

  1. Fixes

    A few fixes to sort out some issues:
    • Fixed missing textures on Airborne: 2:5 - Nitrous Oxide
    • Fixed being awarded trophy every time in Targets: 2:4 - Slalom
    • Laid out the curling scores better - breakdown is more comprehensible and correctly displayed
    • Fixed the flickering textures in car darts and airborne events
    • Made the rotations of objects a little less crazy for space levels
    • Added ringed planet to Targets 3:4 - Zero-gravity
    • Added in order of potting to Cue Games 3:3 - Snoo-car
    • Fixed target colour in html file for all target events
    Also, I would like to express my gratitude to the positivity I have received from this mod. Thank you! :D
    Let me know if there's anymore issues. :)

    screenshot_00062.png screenshot_00067.png
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