Car Games V2 1.1.2

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals to be won

  1. Behind the scenes work + scenario specific changes

    Mostly behind the scenes work, but it means I can update it easier now and have less code to worry about.

    Features a few scenario-specific fixes that weren't addressed the last update.

    Next update may be a little while since I am experimenting with another mod I have been wanting to make for a little while, but if and when that is through, I want to have another major content update for this mod, so that'll be coming at some point in the not-so-distant future.


    • Fixed trees in airborne 1:5 not displaying until you get close to them
    • Added some more hedges into airborne 1:5 to encapsulate the event area more
    • Added in another coil and changed the motion of coils in curling 2:2
    • Added in some rotating discs and changed the motion of coils in cuegames 2:3
    • Fixed incorrect scaling on some moons and also re-scaled some moons so they don't intersect in orbit in airborne 3:5
    • New dev best for curling 4:2 167936 --> 176976
    • Fixed curling 4:2's second truck losing control and not entering the scoreboard correctly
    • Fixed lag in cue games 5:3 due to too many rotating objects
    • Swapped the values for maximum speed and maximum distance for airborne 5:5 as they were reversed
    • Changed the colour of the bottom ramp in targets 5:5 to match the environment
    • Actually added in a scoreboard to airborne 5:5 (because it somehow wasn't there before)
    • Prevented intentionally missing the ramp and getting a massive speed score in airborne 5:5
    • Added in lights to each medal in the hub-world of the respective colour
    • Moved up airborne scoreboards to decrease Z-fighting
    • Adjusted stats so that if you get better than the stat itself, it displays the larger value
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