Car Games V2 1.1.2

A collection of Mini-Games played across multiple themes with medals to be won

  1. Event fixes/changes + more UI

    This update adds in two new UI's (powerups and timer - screenshots of these at the bottom of this post) and also includes lots of event fixes and changes.

    Next update will likely be more fixes but I wanted to get this update out as it fixes the majority of theme 5 and some of theme 4. I'm also reviewing how themes should unlock, since, after playing the mod for testing, I can see how not being able to complete a level can prohibit unlocking any more themes.

    Major Changes:
    • Added timer UI to those events that are timed
    • Added powerup UI to those events that have powerups (disregarding time and nitro powerups) so you can see what powerups you have thus far
    • Tweaked scores for theme 3 to be less difficult to get a bronze medal to allow for unlocking the next theme easier
    • Fixed time still running in timed events when the player freezes scenario or slows down time
    • Rotations of objects now obey the speed at which the scenario is running at (ie. a slower speed for slow motion)
    Event Changes:
    • Added a block and minor repositions of the vehicles in curling 1:2 to be easier (seemed too difficult for the first theme)
    • Added a few obstacles to the blue side of targets 1:4 to be a little more challenging
    • Adjusted the rotation of one of the pigeons in curling 2:2 so there is less chance of crash-welding
    • Tweaked the diamond and platinum medals for curling 2:2 as they seem a little ridiculous
    • New dev best for targets 2:4 --> now 428
    • New dev best for curling 3:2 --> now 1373
    • Added some more objects to car targets 3:4
    • Fixed curling 4:2 giving errors while the scenario is setting up
    • Fixed curling 4:2 breaking when a car is dissolved
    • Fixed cue games 4:3 and 5:1 being broken since the last update
    • Fixed targets 4:4 breaking if you go the blue route
    • Fixed the target's stat at the end of targets 4:4 showing an incorrect number (1610 instead of 880)
    • Changed the colour of the bottom ramp in targets 4:4 to match the environment
    • Adjusted the height of two of the blue targets in targets 4:4 to allow getting maximum points more easily (rather than almost impossible)
    Misc Changes:
    • Fix score reverting to diamond instead of previous best for those that had better than a diamond score
    • Increased tessellations of targets
    • Fixed an issue where a theme's overview would not be displayed when entering the hub-world
    • Fixed main overview not showing when spawning at the main location in the hub-world
    • Fixed some scenarios placing the player car in the air when returning to the hub-world
    • Smoothed out the nitro UI's colour changes
    • Fixed scoring UI giving errors in the console when setting up
    • Fixed airborne event in the championship not adding to the total when finishing the championship
    20190108123331_2.jpg screenshot_2019-01-04_12-55-54.png
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