Capsule 2.1

A capsule-shaped double-decker (and single-decker) bus

  1. CYCJoseph
    The Capsule is a capsule-shaped bus.
    It comes with left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) variants.

    • Colour route display
    • Openable passenger doors, wheelchair ramps and engine door (can be controlled using keyboard or vehicle trigger)
    screenshot_2021-07-12_20-37-31.jpg screenshot_2021-07-12_20-39-07.jpg screenshot_2021-10-15_19-02-57.jpg
    • Digital gauges (press U to switch between metric and imperial unit)
    • Head-up display (press shift+H to turn on and off)

    • Interior lights (press Y to turn on and off)
    screenshot_2021-10-15_19-12-59.jpg screenshot_2021-08-28_00-55-16.jpg
    • Dummy driver and passengers (adjustable weight for the latter) (dummy model by @B25Mitch)
    (Might affect performance even though the jbeam structures for the dummy passengers are greatly simplified)
    screenshot_2021-12-24_04-08-20.jpg screenshot_2021-11-19_19-37-50.jpg
    • Hybrid and electric variants (require Arcanox Core)

    • Standard
    Standard body with the length of 14m (45ft 11in), the width of 2.52m (8ft 3in) and the height of 4.45m (14ft 7in).
    • Low-roof
    At 4.15m (13ft 7in) high, the low-roof version is designed to meet the height restrictions, allowing them to opreate on more routes.
    • Panorama
    The open top version of the bus. Suitable for sightseeing services.
    • Drift
    Equipped with a heavily tuned engine, race turbocharger, quick ratio steering, single rear tires and welded differential.
    • Powerglow
    The race variant with powerglow skin. Equipped with a heavily tuned engine, race turbocharger, quick ratio steering and race tires.
    The following Lightrunner tracks are doable with this bus:
    Argon Curves
    Krypton Raceway

    • Accelera
    Equipped with JATO liquid fuel rockets and a ram plow, the Accelera can reach the top speed of 710 km/h (441 mph).
    • Single Deck
    The single deck variant of the bus.
    • Single Deck Accelera
    The single deck variant equipped with JATO liquid fuel rockets and a ram plow.
    Parts of the jbeam are based on the Wentward Pack by @Ai'Torror
    @DaddelZeit for the retarder LUA code
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sandman08
    Version: 2.1
    9/10 - for style and quality
  2. macinas1023
    Version: 2.0
    how do i fix the mod not spawning or just teleports your screen somewhere else and you cant drive it
  3. Schnoesel
    Version: 2.0
    absolutly great mod I love it one of the best mods on this site ... but one thing bothers me ... you cant continue on the stops on busrouts when having "Strict Stops" on (or at Least I cant)
    the game wants you to knell the bus and then open the door ...after kneeling the bus it goes to the next point, that being opening the doors .. but after doing that the game doesnt recognize it and just gets stuck at that point ... do you have any way of fixing that? (it also doesnt show a keay binding for kneeling or opening doors like in the wentward)
  4. hellacat
    Version: 2.0
    awesome bus! insanely detailed and fun mod with lots of customization. the drivers cabin is very well done. really cool to have that much visibility in a bus. design looks overall much better than most irl "futuristic" bus designs. realistic materials and genuinely looks like something you could see on the roads!
  5. zeeesss
    Version: 2.0
    best bus mod +rep +kef
  6. UnhelpfulMEN
    Version: 2.0
    the best i could imagine
  7. Mr. Marbles
    Mr. Marbles
    Version: 2.0
    really cool looking, many details and working parts, love it!
  8. JoshD
    Version: 2.0
    Great work as usual, glad to see the new single deck available. Part of the charm is the style of it, I'd say it translated pretty well into the single deck.
  9. class800
    Version: 2.0
    Fantastically detailed mod, modelling and texturing are both great, drives as you'd expect, high functionality. Interior glass reflection is a little strong I think though. It's realistic obviously, but when reflection settings aren't maxed out it can look a little odd, so reducing the reflection could help that.
  10. Palkia88
    Version: 1.2
    A great bus mod.
    I have the updated version, but the JATO rockets are broken for me, does anyone know what's causing the issue?
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