camping trailer and car 1.0

its a camping pack out of two vehicles, one trailer and one car both of them build in automation

  1. volltreffer1
    A camping pack consisting of two vehicles, a caravan and a truck, the truck is used to pull the trailer, but it can also be used for other purposes. Since it took me a long time to program, I hope you like my mod.

    the trailer must be connected manually with "CTRL" and the "middle mouse button"

    Screenshot2021-07-12222131.png Screenshot2021-07-12222153.png Screenshot2021-07-12222217.png Screenshot2021-07-12223443.png Screenshot2021-07-12223515.png Screenshot2021-07-12223545.png Screenshot2021-07-12223617.png Screenshot2021-07-12223629.png Screenshot2021-07-12223643.png Screenshot2021-07-12224052.png Screenshot2021-07-12224120.png Screenshot2021-07-12230202.png .

Recent Reviews

  1. Coghead
    Version: 1.0
    Rather ingenious.
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