Beta Burnside Pack 0.9

1948 Burnside AeroCoupe with addition of Burnside Special UTE and old utility trailer.

  1. Car_Killer
    1948 Burnside AeroCoupe is a legendary car produced by Burnside. Featuring inline-6 and inline-8 engines, 2 speed automatic or 3 speed manual gearbox. Various tuning parts gives you lot of possibilities to adjust vehicle to your likings.


    1953 Burnside Special UTE is a utility version of standard Burnside Special. Featuring inline-6 and V8 engine choices. Burnside Special Utility allows you to transport a respectable amount of cargo.


    Small Old Utility Trailer
    , if you are hungry for more space, it's just for you. Forget about brakes and shocks. Simplicity is the key.


    Jbeam view:
    Video - Click to Play - Direct Link

    Video - Click to Play - Direct Link


    More screenshots:
    screenshot_2021-02-12_14-06-03.png screenshot_2021-02-13_11-16-02.png screenshot_2021-02-13_13-59-40.png
    screenshot_2021-02-15_16-26-15.png screenshot_2021-02-16_17-01-56.png screenshot_2021-02-12_12-32-22.png

    Plans for next updates:
    As mod is released as Beta 0.9 we want to introduce much more in 1.0 update, such as:
    V16 engine, hydraulics, chopped top and a body, more tuning parts, lowrider skins and configs, racing and drag parts, etc

    @Ai'Torror - tons of jbeam work, assist, making UTE and Old Trailer.
    @Car_Killer - mod release, drivetrain work and suspension work, texturing, fixing broken models, etc
    @waboll - main 1948 Burnside model, idea, and help

    Special thanks to:
    @Josh Grindheim, @baarry5444, @Ezo, @! nick

    Known issues:

    If you found bug or just have issues with mod, PM me!

    If you like my work support me here!

Recent Reviews

  1. Kuthlive
    Version: 0.9
    Absolutely amazing. Only recommendation I'd have is to maybe add a V8 swap to the aerocoupe with a 4 speed manual.
  2. iRetr0x
    Version: 0.9
    10/5 Extremely good mod!! One question tho, will the v10 ever be swapped into the Ute?
  3. EpicGamerRSB
    Version: 0.9
    such a cool mod!
  4. Slimeboy2015
    Version: 0.9
    I love the work put into this, its really creative and put together nicely! I love the attention to detail in your builds and how you have constructed them all. The aerocoupé was a fantastic car I really enjoyed playing with it, it's a wonderful addition to the game. my only problem with it was that it didn't have enough freedom with the customisation. the I8 engines were very nice but I think the car overall could use a lot more customisation. (Bigger engines mainly, but also things like Drag configs, race, even maybe wacky ones like off-road) it would use a lot more parts to make it more enjoyable but I still enjoyed the mod. great stuff, I haven't seen anything wrong with it yet, no bugs or anything. Good work, keep it up! :D
  5. zschmeez
    Version: 0.9
    Wow, the Aerocoupe is absolutely gorgeous. Very nicely done!
  6. Quube
    Version: 0.9
  7. Zepherius
    Version: 0.9
    Excellent mod! have you considered making a chopped version? possibly with a v8 or a supercharged straight 8?
  8. [!] THE LOCAL MIDGET! [!]
  9. Inn0centJok3r
    Version: 0.9
    It’s a great and pretty different addition to the burnside! I really love the sounds of the Aerocoupe‘s Engines, the parts are well made too. The poppable trunk also is pretty nice. The Utes also are well made, especially with the loads.
    Here some criticism:
    The Aerocoupe i8 derby version has an automatic transmission, maybe change it to a manual?
    Maybe include some more engines like a V8 to the Coupe (I know you’re working on a V16)
    Maybe some more... variation in the aerocoupe (like a racing version or a dragster? Or a police car etc etc...)
    I also support the ideas of the review below.
    Overall a nicely made mod!
  10. millionairhobo
    Version: 0.9
    such a good quality mod, love the addition of an Inline 8, really glues the whole thing together. I think the Aerocoupe needs a V8 option though, it'd be nice to be able to use the vanilla burnside engines with the Aerocoupe :)
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