Alpha Bumpy Time Trials 2.0

Short time trials in Italy and Utah

  1. minion
    Hey guys,

    I made a short time trial for myself which I decided to share with you, because why not?

    It's a short, sweet, quite bumpy time trial in Fastello that contains a few surprises.
    I forgot to block off the entirety of the track so try not to hit the cars that are parked along the way. Oh, and the caravans too.

    Have fun and I hope to see a few screen shots! If enough people like it I might make some more time trials (V2.0 released!).

    Changelog - V 2.0

    V 2.0 includes a track with an easy and a twistier, harder version. The track is based on the original time trial.
    I've also added a new trial in Utah with a short and longer version.
    I hope you'll like the added track and trials and please leave a comment if I've missed something.

    Known bugs: The tracks in Italy include a piece of the suspension test from the GridMap. Since they've been imported from there they have the orange "no texture" texture, I haven't figured out how to fix that.
    Neither am I really encouraged to fix it, since it makes it more visible and hitting it at high speed is... not ideal.

    Here's also a link to the forum if you'd like to give some feedback.

    Credit goes to V1rginie and HighDef (YouTube) and the devs for their videos and tutorials for how to create a time trial.


    1. screenshot_2020-02-19_15-36-39.png
    2. screenshot_2020-02-23_18-16-33.png
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