Brzinski 010 1.0

A small, fast sports car with a hypertuned 800cc turbo engine.

  1. Daaxoo
    The Brzinski loves its high rpm's, developing it's full power at around 10500. Acceleration is very good across the entire speed curve, don't be deceived by its seemingly small engine. It is very highly tuned and turbocharged, puts out 232 horsepower, alongside 200nm of torque, in a lightish car that weighs just over a ton. The top speed caps out at 236 kph. This 0.8 liter engine is not lacking in power.

    The car itself corners like a dream, is easy to drive, has a very usable handbrake to help it in tight cornering, thanks to a lot of electronic assistance. It is a very nice track car. without much oversteer or understeer, having a lot of downforce. RWD.

    Pretty sturdy chassis, it can go off road in a pinch, the small engine is light, pretty far back in the front, and almost impossible to knock out (I've had frontal full on collisions at 100+ kph, and it kept going), and the radiator can take a beating as well, but the stiff suspension and VERY weak front axles (McPherson struts), makes it risky. If you watch your front wheels and take care not to clip them on things, you can last a while. But if clipped, they go quickly. The good news is, the stiff suspension will let you steer on 1 front wheel, nearly as well as on both, as long as it isn't deformed.


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Recent Reviews

  1. TheCrySick
    Version: 1.0

    I have just spent some time testing your car. First, congratulation for the tuning of your suspension and for the balance between the front and the rear grip! For me, it’s simply perfect for a race car with a modest power! :)

    But you need to put way more effort on the esthetic part of your car. @Justgamer says that your car look like a ricer car (ricer is completely different from race look, it means that your car looks like a cheap tuning car ;) ), and I agree with him. A race car needs way more aero parts and vents, it uses a big front lip and a descend rear diffuser. When you are building a car, try to always have some pictures of a real car, like a GT3 for example if you want to build a race car, and use it as an inspiration :)
    Also, I have noticed that your taillights aren’t working, I don’t think it’s wanted :P

    And one last advice, I like the idea behind the engine. But for your next car, try to use a bigger engine, because the issue with small engine is an awful torque curve. The engine of this car has absolutely no torque under 8k rpm.

    I think that’s all I have to say. So, for me, your car deserves a solid 4 stars, because of the perfect handling. Try to improve the design, and it will definitely deserve 5 stars :)
    1. Daaxoo
      Author's Response
      Ah, I misunderstood. Anyway, yes, the engine lacks power at low RPMs, true. But since it rarely stays there, I didn't see it as that much of an issue. I was challenging myself to build the smallest engine I can possibly make, while still having decent power in it.

      Anyway, I already built a more powerful variant of the car, once I finish testing it and fine tuning it, it's going up here too. I think you'll like it! Also changed the aesthetics a bit, as well.
  2. Geoda Motors
    Geoda Motors
    Version: 1.0
    The engine is good, but the car looks like a ricer car...
    1. Daaxoo
      Author's Response
      Well it is a track car, so it's supposed to look like a race car. :P
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