Bruckell Westdale 1.0

Bruckell Westdale

  1. BaldurIsCool
    Are you a teenager looking for an old beater off of Beamslist for a couple hundred bucks?
    Are you a white suburban mom who can't help but feel nostalgic?
    Introducing, the Bruckell Westdale!
    screenshot_2019-07-18_16-48-10.png screenshot_2019-07-18_16-48-18.png
    Cheap, Reliable, and not too slow either!

    Comes in Many pretty colours!
    So exciting, two of them are named "Exciting"!

    Here are some pictures we captured to give you a general idea of what it looks like in action!
    screenshot_2019-07-18_16-37-01.png screenshot_2019-07-18_16-38-19.png screenshot_2019-07-18_16-36-18.png screenshot_2019-07-18_16-36-54.png
    Haha! Here it's being driven by a cartoon! please buy this car
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