Bruckell Traveller 1.0 I guess

A boxy 80's minivan from Bruckell

    A minivan made by Bruckell in the 80's and very early 90's.

    Front wheel drive V6 power, Fuel-Injected power.
    Power to climb, to pass, to carry, to move you.

    The engine is a 3.0L Fuel-Injected V6 Mitsubishi 6G72 paired with a 4-Speed automatic A604 transmission with it's correct ratios.

    It has regular BeamNG license plates rather than Automation Exported license plates so you can change the text in the parts menu, and all the same colour options as the LeGran.
    It also has a towing hook so you can tow things, and it can tow quite alot.

    screenshot_2020-08-13_22-35-20.png screenshot_2020-08-13_22-40-59.png screenshot_2020-08-13_22-37-49.png screenshot_2020-08-13_22-35-53.png screenshot_2020-08-13_22-38-52.png

    HiResPhoto23.png HiResPhoto22.png HiResPhoto20.png
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