Outdated Bruckell LeGran & Aerocoupe - FH-Sport variants 2.0

High-powered turbo configurations for the Aerocoupe by Kueso, disc brakes for the LeGran platform.

  1. Sebulba
    This pack contains 3 high-powered turbo configurations for the Bruckell LeGran Aerocoupe v1.0 made by @Kueso with optimizied jbeams for drivetrain, suspesion and cooling parts. A fourth configuration showcases the disc brakes and the sequential gearbox for the normal Bruckell LeGran. Each configuration included has special tuned suspension settings.

    These following parts have been added/modified:
    front and rear race/sport disc brakes, sport ABS with higher rate, sequential 6-speed-gearbox, optimized turbocharger, combined high-performance water and oil radiator, additional rear LSD, durable sport steering rack

    For further spec and performance figures check out the 'performace tabs' at the bottom.

    These configurations are working with version 1.0 of the Bruckell LeGran Aerocoupe mod and BeamNG game version
    There might be problems with other mods for the Bruckell LeGran, please disable them first, if you have any issues.
    For further help and support please use the 'Discussion' tab of this resource and not the 'Review' section.
    Feel free to send me a PM if you have issues regarding this resource.

    Simply press the big green Subscribe button at the top of this page.

    alternative manual method:
    download and copy the 'legran_aerocoupe_fh_sport.zip' file to the following directory:

    Aerocoupe FH-Turbo AWD (SQ)
    20200123202202_1.jpg 20200123202240_1.jpg

    Aerocoupe FH-Rally AWD (SQ)

    20200324195710_1.jpg 20200324195745_1.jpg

    Aerocoupe FH-Race AWD (SQ)
    20200123204157_1.jpg 20200123204621_1.jpg

    FH Sport V6 (SQ)

    metric performance tab


    imperial performance tab

Recent Updates

  1. update of Rally config & performance stats

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.0
    5 stars for being ahead of the curve, nice job
    1. Sebulba
  2. Kueso
    Version: 1.0
    oh wow!
    nice work my guy
    ironically, everything in this mod i have finished and ready for an update lmao
    so now i am debating on whether i use your parts and give you credit, or i use my own.
    in both cases, this mod will become irrelevant.
    case one:
    -it gets used in the official mod
    case two:
    -my official stuff overwrites this mod, rendering it irrelevant

    but either way, good work!
    1. Sebulba
      Author's Response
      Thank you!

      Please send me a PM!
  3. Nacho Problem
    Nacho Problem
    Version: 1.0
    Great addition tho the aerocoupe! those are thing it needed.
    1. Sebulba
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot!
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