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Unsupported (BROKEN) Nomi Widebody Etk-K Series By Daniel398767, Sh3lbYe, D-Troxx & Sh3lbYe's Custom Wheelpack Update 3.1

A supercar, but not a supercar

  1. removed scenarios, to be fixed in a later update

    engine sounds update,removed scenarios as a temporary fix, i apologize for this.
  2. Sounds update

    fixed engines to work with the new update, engine sounds used, v10, as there is no v12 sound.
  3. Fix

    Immediate fix
    Please see Update 2.0(part 2) for changelog
  4. Scenarios, fixes, more configs, more parts.

    Update 2.0(Part 2) Changelog
    • Spoilers have been using old outdated version of jbeam, this has been fixed @Sh3lbYe has cleaned up the spoilers in general
    • 4 New configs
    1. The Hellfire
    2. The Éclat(Pronounced ey-kla)
    3. The König
    4. Redneck Rallycar
    • Features 2 scenarios, Thanks to @Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    • Added lifted airlift struts, meaning instead of lowering it lifts, this is very work in progress....
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  5. Overhaul, fixes and more parts.

    Update 2.0
    Added 2 configs
    The Alpha

    and The Omega

    (No they are not the same:D:D)
    to try to fix the wheel problems we have renamed wheelpack2 to wheelpack3.
    added a CVT.
    added 1 sticker and 1 trunk sticker
    screenshot_01145.jpg screenshot_01147.jpg
    Rear track width has been increased from 0.43 to 0.45.
    Increased lowering strength for the front suspension on airlift, can low lower...
  6. Added 3 configs. added red headlights

    Added 3 configs
    The Boss
    (the Boss's car)


    And the Especial
    (A special version of the Cheetah)
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  7. uv fixes, added new bumper, added high performance v12 radiator.

    general uv fixes, added parts, removed unused parts, added one front bumper
  8. fixes, cleanup of unused meshes, duplicates and invisable meshes, added one config

    cleaned up folder added one config
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