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Unsupported (BROKEN) Nomi Widebody Etk-K Series By Daniel398767, Sh3lbYe, D-Troxx & Sh3lbYe's Custom Wheelpack Update 3.1

A supercar, but not a supercar

  1. Overhaul, fixes and more parts.

    Update 2.0
    Added 2 configs
    The Alpha

    and The Omega

    (No they are not the same:D:D)
    to try to fix the wheel problems we have renamed wheelpack2 to wheelpack3.
    added a CVT.
    added 1 sticker and 1 trunk sticker
    screenshot_01145.jpg screenshot_01147.jpg
    Rear track width has been increased from 0.43 to 0.45.
    Increased lowering strength for the front suspension on airlift, can low lower more.
    Added grille slots to the Custom Wider Bumper 1, now contain 2 selectable grilles.
    Added normal maps to the race seat.
    Changed color of the Diablo from white to Dusk, as there were too many white variants.
    Changed the name of the Diablo to Nomi Classic, as the Name did not suit the variant. The Diablo will return in a future update
    Completely redone the variant pictures

    Changed the description of the Especial, now is more appropriate.
    Redone Descriptions, as they were lacking information.
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