BMW E36 M & non-M Engines - ETKi 3.0

The whole M50 and M52 engine family for the ETKi

  1. BIG UPDATE v3

    • Removed additional body slot, they use the vanilla body so the engines are shown in ETK coupe and cabrio mods.
    • Removed custom radiators and oil coolers
    • Removed additional rear suspension, differentials are shown in the vanilla suspension
    • M50 M52 gear ratios are shown in all differentials but custom ones have a different name for you to see which are the real ones
    • Updated starter and engine sounds
    • Updated nodes and beams
    • Adjusted engine weights to match real values
    • Adjusted engines inertia and friction values to match a real 325i E36 engine used as a reference engine
    • Added more torque to the M50 VANOS engines at low RPMs
    • Removed unnecessary clutch options
    • Tweaked 6-pad clutch "additional inertia" value
    • Adjusted strokers performance increase
    • Adjusted M50 manifold performance increase
    • Added supercharger for S52B32US engine
    • Added upgraded camshafts for M50 engines
    • Added custom exhaust with better sound, bigger exhaust tips plus catalyc converter and resonator have been removed
    • Added diesel S6-37DZ gearbox for 6-speed conversion
    • Removed straight exhaust (temporarily)
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