BMW E36 M & non-M Engines - ETKi 4.0

The whole M50 and M52 engine family for the ETKi

  1. Various

    • Fixed straight pipe 3D model not showing in-game
    • Added new "Valvetrain" and "Bottom end" slots to the engines.
      • Valvetrain tweaks max RPM
      • Bottom end changes max torque
    • Tweaked max torque values
    • Tweaked turbo power curves, lower boost ones now spool sooner
    • Tweaked S50-S52 engines sound
    • Added a 3.0L Stroker tuning option for M50 engines, up to 235hp and 300Nm, you can select it in the "Bottom End" slot
    • Added 3.0L Stroker FORGED Bottom End
    • Sport ECU renamed to Stock ECU + Chip, revlimit decreased to 7000RPM
    • Deleted all turbo ECUs capable of 7500RPM
    • Added 3.91 Gear Ratio
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