Bluebuck 502 CUI "ZZ502/580" Engine

Grandpa put the big block crate engine in the famly car

  1. jello

    • Tried making the rev hang a bit less idiotic, will probably take even more tuning just like...
    • The starter. The damn starter is the bane of my existence. I'm never happy with it.
  2. Even More Starter Stuff

    • Tweaked it a bit more
  3. More Starter Stuff

    • Played with starter to make it more like an older car
  4. Quad carbs + Radiator

    • Added 'ZZ502-720' Quad Carbs
    • Added ZZ502 Drag Pack Radiator
  5. Better Carbs

    • Made the carbs a bit more top-end happy and a bit less touchy down low
    • Made it so automatics should use more of the rev range (as a fail safe, stock trannies seem to do well in this regard)
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