BeamNG.mania Glow City White Series Track 1 1.0

BeamNG.mania is inspired by TRACKMANIA.

  1. libdil
    BeamNG.mania is inspired by TRACKMANIA.
    All tracks are balanced for the Civetta Bolide 350

    There will be a white, green, blue, red and black series with 5 tracks each.

    Also I am working on tracks for the EDK Drive Center Experience map which follow the same format but are multilap tracks.

Recent Reviews

  1. mrwallace888
    Version: 1.0
    Love the Trackmania series, would be cool to have a Stadium-themed map.

    Why don't you also make each colored Flag section just another campaign or something, and bundle the tracks for each section within each color?
    1. libdil
      Author's Response
      I would love to be able to bundle the series into a campaign or something but I have no idea how or if it is even possible. Any idea how I can do that. Because there is a upload limit of 3 files each day it would really help with getting the tracks uploaded quickly.
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