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Badge Delete 1.22

Adds trunks/facias/bumpers without badges

  1. Normal Map Edit

    - Changed normal map of ETK K-Series to remove Badge-Indentation
  2. Configs!

    - Added Configs
    screenshot_2020-09-10_17-11-16.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-11-25.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-13-44.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-13-53.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-17-07.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-17-14.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-17-31.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-18-27.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-18-36.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-19-48.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-19-57.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-22-30.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-22-59.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-23-26.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-24-34.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-24-50.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-26-37.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-26-46.png screenshot_2020-09-10_17-29-00.png ...
  3. More vehicles supported

    Civetta Bolide:
    - No Badge Nosecone
    - No Badge Tailcone
    Ibishu Covet:
    - No Badge Tailpanel
    Gavril Roamer:
    - No Badge Fascias
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