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Outdated B25 Mitchell 4.5

Iconic WWII allied medium bomber

  1. B25Mitch
    Thanks to CarlosAir for ground steering lua, Joelvb for pressure wheels and flight model work, and Nadeox1 for the promo video

    (please read before posting questions):

    How to fly:

    With the aircraft on the runway, Press T for full throttle.
    At speeds under 100km/h, use the wheel brakes to turn. Do this by steering full left or right, and then pressing P to enable wheel braking.
    Press P again once the turn has been completed to disable wheel braking.

    At 180km/h or above, pull up gently and take off. If using an XBox360 controller, pull the right stick down only half way to avoid a stall. If using a keyboard, tap the down arrow instead of a continuous press.

    The aircraft will try to nose down with the gear extended due to drag. Once above 220km/h, raise the gear by pressing N. When the aircraft reaches 300km/h, it will fly straight and level without input. At speeds above 300km/h negative pitch will be necessary to maintain level flight. Top speed is approximately 450km/h. Avoid full-deflection manoeuvring above 350km/h as this may result in structural damage. Instead, use half-strength control inputs (if using an XBox360 controller) or tap the controls if using keyboard. If you pull more than 4 G structural weakening will occur, and at 6G your wings will rip off.


    Press N to extend the landing gear. This will slow the aircraft down to around 300km/h. When the landing strip is less than 1km away, press G till the engine reaches to 2k rpm to select idle throttle. Pull up to maintain a gradual rate of descent.
    If airspeed falls below 220km/h, press T to increase power, and then G again to resume gliding. Flare before touch down to avoid wheel or gear strut damage. Aim to touch down at 180-200km/h. Once on the runway, press P once to activate wheel brakes.


    Taxiing is accomplished by alternatively pressing T and G to keep speed below 50km/h.Try to avoid long periods of acceleration as the plane reaches high speeds fast. As in real life, there is no nosewheel steering so wheel brakes are essential for turning at low speeds. To make a full 180 degree turn, reduce speed to 10km/h, set idle throttle (G), turn fully to the left or right and toggle wheel brakes with P. The aircraft will pivot on the locked wheel and the nose wheel will caster. After the turn ensure the nose wheel is straight by taxiing forwards a few metres.


    Select 4x500lb bombs from the Ordinance slot in the Ctrl-W parts menu. Open the bomb bay doors using . and press , to release bombs one at a time. Bombs will arm in mid-air when a certain distance from the aircraft, but may still be close enough to cause damage so ensure sufficient altitude to clear the blast. You can also try skip-bombing by releasing at very low altitude such that the bomb hits the ground before arming and embeds itself in the target from the side. The bomb will then explode after you overfly the target.

    Controls list:

    Pitch up: down arrow (thumbstick down on XBox360 controller)
    Pitch down: up arrow (thumbstick up on XBox360 controller)

    Roll/Yaw left: left arrow (thumbstick left on XBox360 controller)
    Roll/Yaw right: right arrow (thumbstick right on XBox360 controller)

    Throttle : T
    Throttle : G

    Wheel brakes on: P (toggle)

    Left wheel brakes: left arrow (while wheel brakes are on)
    Right wheel brakes: right arrow (while wheel brakes are on)

    Landing gear retract: N
    Landing gear extend: N

    Bomb bay doors open: . (toggle)

    Bomb release: , (1 press = 1 bomb, 2 presses = 2 bombs, etc.) Use the Ctrl-W parts menu to load bombs.

    Enter cockpit view: C (this cycles between pilots seat, nose gunner relative, and chase view)


    1. default.png

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    Version: 4.5
    great mod but one huge flaw is that it takes years to update
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