Alpha Automatic Transmissions for Autobello Piccolina .1.2

For when you need both hands on the wheel

  1. PinheadLarry
    I felt that the Piccolina needed some automatics, so... Let there be automatics! There is a bit of a catch in the sense that you have manually select the torque converter, so don't forget to do that. Also added is a 3.07 final drive because the 3.875 was really winding the engines out. Oh, and did I mention that it's compatible with synsol's 2.5L swap? Because it is.

    Note: Just assume that the 1.1L will have issues with all transmissions. It's so weak that the transmissions are always messed up in some way.

    Fair warning though, this is still pretty early on so don't expect a whole lot.
    Future plans include dialing in the current 6-speed and adding 2, 3, and 4 speed automatics (maybe with drag variants?), as well as possibly adding a 7 speed "race" tranny (though this would almost certainly just use the 5-speed manual shifter). I would like to try and add in the shifter from the Moonhawk if at all possible for the standard trannies though.

Recent Reviews

  1. DamienDutch
    Version: .1.1
    Please make also a 6 speed race manual/dual clutch
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