Beta Automatic 4WD Transfercase & Locking Differential 1.0

Automatic lockers and transfercases for off-road vehicles

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    Discussion Thread.
    The automatic locker mod is somewhat based on certain American 80's~90's pickups/SUVs. The automatic locking differentials only have two "modes": open and locked. As shown

    The diff is purely mechanical, no g-sensor no throttle or connections to ECU. It has a centrifugally engaged rachet-sort of thing.
    In open this differential behaves exactly the same as any other open diff or locking diff in open mode. When the input torque is positive and the wheelspeed difference between two output shaft exceeds 100RPM, it'll lock. When in Locked mode the differential is 100% locked(not an LSD), the two wheels spin at the exact same speed. After that it can't determine when to unlock since the wheelspeed are always the same when locked. To unlock it, simply lift the accelerator or stop and wait, when the input torque is gone or the vehicle is stopped for a few seconds, the diff unlocks.
    For on-road driving, this diff works OK as it stays open when driving on good traction surface. On snow and ice, it locks right after wheelspin, faster than most if not all traction control. Since you won't be using high throttle when driving on slippery surface, the diff will unlock very quickly when you reduce throttle after getting unstuck. Spirited driving on streets is not recommended as the diff may lock immediately once the inner wheel slips in a high-g turn, leading to a sudden oversteer.
    For off-road driving, this diff works great in most situations, the locking is not smooth but very effective. On dirt or mud it's as effective as a locked differential, expectantly useful when climbing steep inclines. However, this diff is not very good at rock crawling. In rock crawling the vehicle is traveling much slower than the diff lock wheelspeed threshold, the diff may suddenly unlock when the vehicle is stopped in the middle of a crawl and the wheels may spin in the opposite direction because of open differential action, which leads to rolling backwards.
    The automatic 4x4 is also very simple, since most if not all off-road trucks/SUVs are RWD when in 2WD, and when cornering, the front axle spins faster than the rear axle, this can be used as a "freewheel" to unlock the transfercase to 2WD to prevent driveline windup(axle binding). If the rear axle spins faster than the front axle, the wheel is slipping, engage 4WD. When in 4WD and the front axle output torque is negative, the 4WD disengages right before axle binding.

    Vehicles supported:
    Gavril D-Series
    Gavril H-Series
    Gavril T-Series(only diffs, not transfercase)
    Gavril Roamer
    Ibishu Hopper

    To use the active lockers, select them in the vehicle parts menu.

Recent Reviews

  1. Mr. Eddie Woods
    Mr. Eddie Woods
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome mod it works amazing!
  2. BDMilestone
    Version: 1.0
  3. oioioioo
    Version: 1.0
    Very simple and clean mod, works as advertised lol. One request I have, an "arming" key for the transfer case so you can set it to "RWD locked/4WD auto/4WD locked" or something to that effect... Good mod.
  4. gigisfan
    Version: 1.0
    I love it
  5. SKB
    Version: 1.0
    man is improving beam driving logic. amazing. love the small details
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