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Audi Quattro 1.0

1989 Audi Quattro, 20 valve I5 engine,

    1989 Audi Quattro 20-Valve
    This is a replica of the 1989 Audi Quattro, featuring the 2.2 litre 20-valve I5 engine. Making 216bhp and 309nm torque.

    The car is very easy to control, has accurate engine performance and real gear ratios.

    All-wheel drive

    Manual locking differentials
    Custom badges and lettering

    screenshot_2020-01-25_11-43-52.png screenshot_2020-01-25_11-44-06.png
    Photo9.png Photo14.png Photo10.png Photo11.png Photo12.png Photo13.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    I love Audi and I love your replica
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