atoll 02 janvier 2020

an imaginary tropical island with a lot of roads.

  1. bobby_boulgat
    An atoll is an coralian island , under tropical latitudes, generally formed around a hot spot volcano .

    This map is quite surrealist, for the game's needs.

    She contains a town, a vacation resort, an airport, two race tracks (asphalt and dirt), a long and narrow trail through the jungle and the mountain, a lot of roads, monkeys and ukulele , etc, etc...

    There is also campaigns , scenarios and a lot of quickraces:
    - campaigns: "love and coconuts" . Help antoine to seduce Adriana
    "atoll five-O" . Parody of the TV series
    - scenarios: 4 rally stages (with me as co-driver !) try to beat my times
    3 races with opponents (DOESNT WORK WELL)
    1 trail running in the mountain
    1 multiplayer race
    - quickraces: 4 looped tracks
    6 rally stages
    2 air races between airgates

    thanks to RyvyLo for translations and his work/ help on the scenars/campaign/quickraces and for his feedback
    thanks to @DoullPepper , @synsol, and all the peoples who play with my mod :)

    atoll38.jpg atoll40.jpg atoll41.jpg atoll44.jpg atoll45.jpg atoll47.jpg atoll46.jpg atoll48.jpg atoll52.jpg atoll50plan.jpg

    Trailer by GendulfDeGrei

    Trailer by jorgegf74

Recent Updates

  1. the update because voilà
  2. 24 septembre 2017
  3. bugs correction

Recent Reviews

  1. Marc_Origins
    Version: 02 janvier 2020
    i remember back in the day when the map didnt have a single bush it was my favourite map and it still is an amazing map
  2. default0.0player
    Version: 02 janvier 2020
    "Atoll map map" lol it's hilarious 11/10
  3. Speedy Alex77
    Speedy Alex77
    Version: 24septembre2017
    Epique ! Quand es-ce que vous referez une nouvelle map (dans le style de l'Atoll) ?
    1. bobby_boulgat
      Author's Response
      merci! jamais !! si je refais une map, elle sera complément différente
  4. SubaruSTI07™
    Version: 24septembre2017
    beautiful map reminds me of tahiti and bora bora
  5. gyrotim101
    Version: 24septembre2017
    It runs well, it looks amazing, the roads are fun to drive and there are many great scenarios. What can I say? There is nothing wrong with this map!
  6. Cbwr
    Version: 24septembre2017
    Amazing map!
  7. Jack5.exe
    Version: 24septembre2017
    Nice mod

    and thanks for the shout out
  8. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 24septembre2017
    Really good
    Continue le bon boulot
  9. Ngm
    Version: 24septembre2017
    Amazing map
  10. BannedByAndroid
    Version: 24septembre2017
    Nice one.
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