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Beta ARZ Pessima 1.0 initial release

right hand drive version of the pessima with some new additional stuff

  1. ThomasPlaysOfficial
    What started as a small experiment to see if i could make a car RHD turned into something more than i expected

    The ARZ Pessima is a licence built version of the Ibishu variant by British car manufacterer ARZ. It is practically identical externally and internally apart from badges/ the lack of them (backstory probably makes no sense i know)

    -6 configs as of now
    -Fully blue lightbar and flashers
    -RHD debadged interior
    -ETK engine swaps (which probably make no sense to be dumped in a early 2000's british built pessima but eh it adds some variety)
    -custom bonnet design

    Known issues

    -interior colour cannot be changed anymore (This is due to how the pessima textures worked and rebadging it meant i had to then fill in gaps with the pessima interior textures from the vehicle creation workflow wiki post, which included stuff that had been missing on the texture) so i hope you like grey interiors
    -exhaust doesnt match up to the ETK engines correctly (This will be fixed eventually)
    - there is a obvious line where i cut out the circular logo bit (This is my first time working with a vanilla car and making mesh edits so its not the best but im working on improving:D)

    and probably many other issues i have not spotted

    future additions

    custom/debadged wheels
    proper exhausts for the ETK engines (WIP)
    add stuff such as RHD body and all blue lightbars to standard pessima

    I hope that you enjoy using this mod as much as i enjoyed making this!

    tested on V0.20.2 with no issues however they may be mods i havent got that conflict with this mod

    Enough talking, heres some screenshots!

Recent Reviews

  1. YeetOrBeYeeted
    Version: 1.0 initial release
    Click... Noice.
    1. ThomasPlaysOfficial
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  2. ㅤWU_UTㅤ
    Version: 1.0 initial release
    Oh hell yah! Just what i was looking for.
    1. ThomasPlaysOfficial
      Author's Response
      thanks! Glad you like it
  3. Crash77
    Version: 1.0 initial release
    The more rebadged cars the better!

    Although, I'd suggest changing the name of the car to something other that 'Pessima', just for clarity and also realism, since rebadges usually go by a different name.

    Great job, though!
    1. ThomasPlaysOfficial
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I am thinking of probably changing the name from pessima in a future update, just got to think of a new name for it
  4. SHΛW
    Version: 1.0 initial release
    insprired of bruckell prism?
    but, this is much better than mod above
    always wanted to drive rhd pessima
    1. ThomasPlaysOfficial
      Author's Response
      I’m glad you like the mod! Its coincidence that i’ve made a rebadge of the pessima like the bruckell prism is because i had just picked a random car to experiment with
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