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Anueis FS60 DCT 1.0

Luxury V12 Twin turbocharged saloon, now with more sportiness.

  1. Anueis
    Anueis FS60 DCT

    Faster shifts, and manual mode available. The DCT-equipped FS60 is for those who wants sportiness in their fullsize sedan, or being driven by a chauffeur who is actually a race driver. Our DCT transmission is unlike any other DCT transmissions; smooth while being quick. Like the FS60 SilkShifter, the car is powered by the "W2" V12 Twin Turbo 6.0 litre engine producing 650hp, and 1015Nm while keeping the fuel economy at 14.6km/l. Chassis and panels are made out of carbon fibre to increase rigidity and stiffness while shaving weight.

    The FS60 is already a very discrete sleeper since it doesn't wear our sport line badge Vivace but it's ready to slaughter 65 badged Sonderklasses, 60Li badged sevens who wear their sport badges.
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