Antler Lux V8 1.1

A luxurious vehicle with twin turbo and a V8.

  1. RiFlech
    Antler Lux V8
    A luxurious vehicle with twin turbo and a V8.

    screenshot_01534.png screenshot_01535.png screenshot_01536.png screenshot_01537.png screenshot_01538.png screenshot_01539.png screenshot_01540.png screenshot_01541.png screenshot_01542.png screenshot_01543.png screenshot_01544.png

    It's basically a Luxury vehicle with Twin Turbo and a V8.
    Also includes UTE, Convertible, And Wagon variants.

Recent Updates

  1. Better packaging

Recent Reviews

  1. Mad Genexixs
    Mad Genexixs
    Version: 1.0
    i love v8
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