Experimental Antique License Plate Pack by Derp_de_Herp 2.0

Vermont and New Hampshire antique plates for your classic car, aaand for flex pics!!!

  1. Derp_de_Herp
    If you have it, please remove the old version of the mod before updating! I renamed the file from "vintage" to "antique" because I'm gonna release an old-school 70s-90s plate pack later this month, so I named that file vintage, and thus renamed this one accordingly!! Feel free to follow me so you can cop more sweet cool n nice plates as soon as I drop 'em like a burning mixtape!!!

    Each plate comes with a stickerless version and a stickered version!

    Vermont without sticker:

    Vermont with sticker:

    New Hampshire without sticker

    New Hampshire with sticker:

    ***All the text above can be randomly generated with just the click of a button! Get the juicy details below!!

    Features Include:
    • Realistic bumpmapping for both letters and background!
    • Custom font very similar to the real ones!
    • Made by a guy who actually uses one of the plates on his car!*
    • Automatic Realistic Text Generation and Placement: by simply refreshing the plate number via the button on the bottom-right corner of the vehicle config menu, a plate number is generated in the exact same letter/number combination formatting as used by the real state DMVs! For instance, the Vermont antique plate, like in real life will only contain a randomly generated combination of 1 letter then three numbers, and no spaces in between. The text self-centers and self-formats; all you have to do to get it looking as sexy as it is is just press a button!!!
    • And did I mention cool and sexy antique plates???

    -If you like the mod, please consider leaving a good review and any ideas/requests/constructive roasts/etc., so that you can help encourage me to further create more new - and improved - content! If you don't like the mod, though, please don't jump to a bad review-let me know what the issue is and if I don't fix it for you ASAP then you can steal my soul (or what's left of it, anyway)

    *This mod was inspired by my 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit (as seen in my avatar/profile picture), which rocks a Vermont Antique Plate today, not quite because I like how it looks (but I really do), but primarily because I'm too broke to afford to register it in NYC, meaning I can't get those sweet'n'sexy NYC-exclusive plates. Sad reaccs only

Recent Reviews

  1. koffo
    Version: 2.0
    Wow, this is epic!
    1. Derp_de_Herp
      Author's Response
      Thanks, jimbo!
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